The Resurgence of 90’s Fashion

Many of my fellow aficionados of all things fashion related, and I, have been in ongoing, friendly debates about the resurgence of the 90’s.  I like everything about it (accept the denim overalls, not a good look) while many of them don’t.  What pray tell could anyone find unappealing about flowy, floral print dresses on a hot summer day?  Jessica Alba looks so fresh, comfortable and feminine in this 90’s throw back (FameFlynet Pictures).

Now onward and upward to the beloved fanny pack, my take on this actually garners laughter out loud.  However, the fanny pack was such a convenience, and I’m sincerely hoping this little accessory makes its way to the “classics” column.  As my fingers typed the previous sentence, I could almost hear the cacophony of groans, sighs and grimaces.  Part of the challenge with accepting the fanny pack is the name alone, it creates a picture in the mind of a couple with khaki shorts, tube socks up to the knees worn with dress shoes, and equipped with a map in hand trying to navigate through the streets of New York.  This is an endearing visual, and it brings a smile to my face, however, not such a happy look on a runway.  There’s no denying, when done right the results translate into utter loveliness.

Oh well, even us fashion aficionados don’t agree on everything.  Suffice it to state, I’m standing my ground on this one.  Must go now, the hunt for the perfect “fanny pack” has now begun.


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