Eyecurl II, An Oldie, But Goody

The Eyecurl II is an oldie, but most definitely a goody!  I remember when I was first introduced to it seven years ago.  A dear friend and colleague of mine gifted every woman, on the television set we were working on at the time with one, she thought it was golden.  Upon using it for the first time, I agreed unequivocally.

Imagine that, a heated curler for the lashes.  After turning it on, I give it a few minutes to warm up, and smooth it on with the curved wand after applying my mascara.  What a brilliant invention, it opens the eyes while setting the mascara.

If you live in the Los Angeles area, you may be privy to the Shiseido free-standing stores throughout the area, they usually have ample stock.  Otherwise, it is available on amazon, ebay and various other sites.  It retails anywhere between $15 and $20, and the durable plastic holds up very well.  After seven years the Eyecurl II has been a trusty must have on my vanity.


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