Love The Skin You’re In

Loving the skin you’re in is easy, when it looks its best.  Getting it to the point of looking it’s best is the challenge, as it requires discipline.  Discipline to get your full 8 hours of sleep, snack on veggies instead of chips or opt for water instead of the morning coffee.  By now, we’ve heard this repeatedly, however, at times it’s much easier to do what we ought not.  It seems we lose the determination to stay on course when the goals seem so far out of reach.  However, by taking baby steps, goals seem much more achievable, and if you’re able to stay on course for at least 21 days, this is all it takes to develop a habit.

First, identify three areas you’d like change to take place in your quest toward glowing, summer skin.  For example, they may include: washing your face thoroughly every night before bed, doing more at home facial treatments and eating no later than a specific time every night.  Start by dedicating 3 days per week to accomplishing the three items on your list, and treat them like appointments by including them in your agenda.  Track your progress and before you know it, you’ve formed a habit.  In the upcoming days I’ll be sharing affordable and effective skincare products with you and be sure to check in every Friday for “Five Fave Friday” when I’ll post my five favourite skin care, cosmetic, hair or fashion items.


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