Professional Makeup Brushes For Exceptional Results

Healthy skin is definitely integral for makeup to look its best, however, an investment in a quality set of professional brushes is also imperative for achieving flawless results.  When I began my career as a makeup artist, I was fortunate enough to receive my first full set of professional brushes complimentary from Trish McEvoy Ltd.  The total cost of the set would easily have amounted to a car payment.  In the initial stages, I simply did not understand how the cost of these brushes could be aptly justified.  The incomprehension soon vanished like dust in the wind, the moment these brushes swept across my face.

Not only does makeup feel better going on when natural brushes are at work, however, since the makeup is being set into the skin, it stays fresher looking throughout the day.  Product replenishment is also less frequent, as it has nothing to absorb into unlike with latex sponges.  The makeup is essentially being painted onto the skin, which lends itself to beautiful airbrushed results.

A set of professional natural hair makeup brushes are made to last a lifetime when cared for properly.  This means monthly washings with baby shampoo or a gentle facial cleanser.  Over the years I’ve managed to accumulated several sets of makeup brushes from various cosmetic companies, and have yet to replace one.  Makeup brushes come in a litany of different shapes and sizes, based on your own individual features.  Chanel, MAC, Stila and Trish McEvoy brushes are among my favourites.  There is no one size fits all, so once you decide to splurge, consult with a professional makeup artist about which specific brushes are tailored to your features.


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