Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection, Not For Me, But Inspired Just The Same

Marc Jacobs has always been one of my favourite designers, and not because his designs are so stunning, I drift off into a state of utter euphoria with each collection.  To the contrary, his silhouettes are not always the most flattering, however, I appreciate the fact he consistently thinks outside the box.  His aesthetic is whimsical and often unpredictable, most importantly it is his.  I feel inspired every season with Marc Jacobs’ collections, as I watch his designs parade down the runway.  As one who works in a creative industry, I understand the challenge of remaining inspired on a continual basis.  Without inspiration, the art begins to suffer.

Whether or not I find appeal in a particular collection, the fact Marc Jacobs seems to find ways of gleaning inspiration season after season, is impressive.  The Fall 2012 Marc Jacobs Collection is interesting indeed.  I didn’t find anything remotely attractive about many of the silhouettes.  In fact, most of them seemed to add 20 pounds to each model, which may be acceptable on a size zero frame, but obviously not the average consumer.  Of course, we must keep in mind, the runway is a stage where many a theatrical production is birthed.  The more I examine the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection,  the more I realize how imperative it is to think outside the box, like the designer himself seems to do habitually.  Several of the pieces would be a welcome addition to the wardrobes of many apart, from one another.

Here are a few pieces from Marc Jacobs Fall 2012: