Healthy, Glowing Skin In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

As a makeup artist, I work with practically every skin tone and type in the spectrum, however, my favourite is a healthy, well-kept skin.  Makeup looks best when the skin underneath is in prime condition.  Healthy, glowing skin can be attained in the comfort of your own home with the Conair Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna.  I first purchased an older model of this product 20 years ago.  I know, I know, you’re wondering what kind of parents allow their 5 year old child to get on a subway in Chicago all alone, and travel downtown to Marshall Fields (now Macy’s)…suffice it to say they were pretty incredible, now moving right along;)

I decided one year ago to replace my Conair with a new one, not because anything was wrong with it, I simply wanted to update the unit.  Clearly, Conair products are made to last.  This updated version is quite an upgrade from my old one, it comes with several attachments: one for facials and a separate one for sinuses, as well as two facial attachments: an exfoliating brush and sponge for moisturizer.

When used on a regular basis anywhere from 3-15 minutes, the results are undeniable.  The longer you are able to sit over the sauna, the better.  The sauna opens the pores, therefore, using a mask directly afterwards is highly effective, as the impurities are more accessible.  The Conair Facial Sauna is also excellent for vocalists, it keeps the chords moisturized and performance ready.

In addition to using the Conair Facial Sauna, a simple skin care regimen should always follow, but be careful of the expensive department store brands, which claim to smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin, etc.  There is only so much a cream can do, because of the molecular structure, it is near impossible and highly unlikely one would penetrate the skin to repair it.  In fact, most creams sit on top of the skin, and trap in the moisture already there.  Because the main ingredient in most moisturizers is water, it also evaporates fairly quickly.  The use of skin care has its benefits, just know it is absolutely unnecessary to spend a fortune to attain them.

Conair Moisturizing Mist Facial Sauna available or $30 and up

A Few Celebrities Who Know Style

Typically yellow and black is not my favourite combination…so reminiscent of bumble bees, however, Erin Heatherton proves it can be done very well.  She looks absolutely stunning in this Carolina Herrera creation.

Kate Bosworth brings such chicness to this eclectic ensemble from Burberry, of course I’m a bit biased, I have such an affinity toward owls.  Yes, this outfit would feel quite at home in my wardrobe.

The stunning Alexa Chung…simply adorable in this sassy little Celine skirt and whimsical Bella Freud sweater.

Model In A Bottle, In A Word? Brilliant.

Model in a bottle is a makeup setting spray, and one of the most brilliant products ever made.  This product is like liquid gold to many a makeup artist.  Upon completion of full makeup application, it is sprayed on the skin.  The results are a non-chalky matte finish, with a slight dewiness, how such perfect results were achieved remains a mystery.  Model in a bottle is an excellent product for those special times your makeup needs to last all day long with minimal touch-ups.  With only a few spritzes this amazing product transforms your makeup to waterproof.

It is a staple in my makeup kit for set work,weddings and any other occasion when longevity is necessary, and of course it is part of my personal makeup routine on super long days with no time for touch ups.  It is also available in a formula for sensitive skin which, ironically, caused my skin to break out, and had the same effect on many of my clients.  The major complaint I hear about Model in a Bottle is the packaging.  Most women prefer not to travel with glass products, if this is the case, Ben Nye Makeup Sealer is a great option.  This product actually works better on some skins, while Model in a Bottle gives better results to others.

Model in a Bottle– $18 8 oz./Ben Nye Makeup Sealer– $6.99-$20.99