Model In A Bottle, In A Word? Brilliant.

Model in a bottle is a makeup setting spray, and one of the most brilliant products ever made.  This product is like liquid gold to many a makeup artist.  Upon completion of full makeup application, it is sprayed on the skin.  The results are a non-chalky matte finish, with a slight dewiness, how such perfect results were achieved remains a mystery.  Model in a bottle is an excellent product for those special times your makeup needs to last all day long with minimal touch-ups.  With only a few spritzes this amazing product transforms your makeup to waterproof.

It is a staple in my makeup kit for set work,weddings and any other occasion when longevity is necessary, and of course it is part of my personal makeup routine on super long days with no time for touch ups.  It is also available in a formula for sensitive skin which, ironically, caused my skin to break out, and had the same effect on many of my clients.  The major complaint I hear about Model in a Bottle is the packaging.  Most women prefer not to travel with glass products, if this is the case, Ben Nye Makeup Sealer is a great option.  This product actually works better on some skins, while Model in a Bottle gives better results to others.

Model in a Bottle– $18 8 oz./Ben Nye Makeup Sealer– $6.99-$20.99


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