Five Faves

Welcome to Five Faves where I share 5 favourite items I quite fancy, in no particular order.

First up is Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub. Although I’m loyal to bathing versus showering, when I do choose to shower, Coconut Sugar Rub is usually the impetus.  This product is one of the most effective scrubs I have ever used, it is made up of sugar cane crystals, which are a natural alpha hydroxy acid.

Besides sloughing away dead skin cells to promote softness, it also polishes the skin and unclogs the pores.  Best of all it is highly moisturizing with cold pressed virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts among the ingredients.  You will immediately feel a significant difference in the texture of your skin, and with continued use the benefits will be long term.  Straight from the Republic of Fiji to your shower, Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Rub is pampering your skin will appreciate.

16 oz. available in several scents at $43.95

Next up is the Wen Treatment Oil, I cannot aptly convey how much I love this product.  Wen products were created by hair stylist extraordinaire, Chaz Dean, who wanted to offer women and men hair products free of harsh sulfates and other ingredients proven to be damaging to the hair.  He has definitely achieved this with an array of products geared toward attaining a healthy mane.

The treatment oil can be used on the face, skin and body, however, I use it exclusively for my hair as a conditioner and the results are pretty impressive.  Only a teeny bit is necessary, and I usually leave it in overnight with a plastic cap and scarf to protect my linen.  This treatment leaves my hair super soft and manageable, however, it is very easy to misuse.  Only a few drops are needed on the scalp, and the product MUST be thoroughly washed out, otherwise, your hair will look heavy and weighed down.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, Wen Hair Studio is located at 6444 Fountain Ave Hollywood, CA 90028, and the stylists are terrific about explaining how to properly use the products, and which are best for you. If you are unable to make the trip, give them a call at 323.467.6444

1 oz. $20, 4 oz. $65 at

When it’s time to show those pearly whites, Go Smile is my favourite teeth whitening system on the market.  Go Smile offers a variety of teeth whitening items from the simple to the more intensive, I have yet to try one which has not shown results.  Today’s focus is on the vials, they are portable, for use anywhere, anytime.  Just bend the vial until it cracks to dispense the fluid and buff away.  Teeth whitening has grown in popularity over the last few years, and Go Smile is a great way to maintain your already whitened teeth, or start fresh with a more in depth system.

For more information, visit to explore the different products, and gain insight on the company philosophy and objectives.

100 % Pure Peppermint Oil is a product I keep on hand at all times, it is a great natural breath freshener, and a great aid in digestion, peppermint oil also addresses many different stomach and intestinal disorders.  Typically, it can be used directly out of the bottle, however, it is very strong and only a couple of drops on the tongue are necessary.  I usually avoid ingesting it on an empty stomach, as it may induce nausea.

Check it out online or visit your local Whole Foods where the 365 brand is stocked, and retails for $9

Last, and certainly not least is the Nature’s Gate Lotion.  I stumbled upon this item by happenstance, I was preparing to leave town for vacation, and realized I hadn’t packed a body lotion.  I am a huge stickler on moisturizing the skin, so the only option was to stop off along the way to make a purchase before my flight.  I made my way to Whole Foods where I chose the Nature’s Gate brand, I took a sniff, liked what I smelled and with that was off to the airport.  Upon first use I was hooked, this lotion rivaled many of my more expensive bottles filling my bathroom cupboards.  It is very emollient, without a greasy feel, and really does a beautiful job at keeping the skin moisturized.  It is available in several scents, my favourite is the Pomegranate Sunflower.

Available at Whole Foods or online at $9


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