Sunkissed Bronzer For Face & Legs

With Summer fast approaching, we all want sun-kissed, healthy looking skin.  In fact, most of us want this skin year around.  Bronzers are a great way to achieve this while protecting your skin from the harmful effects of too much sun.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powders have been a favourite of mine for many years.  I’ve veered away from it a few times to try a litany of others, and although they served the purpose, the results were just not as appealing.

Being one of the first  bronzers on the market, Guerlain is the pioneer when it comes to them, they seemed to get it right at the outset.  These bronzers don’t leave an orange undertone and they are enriched with moisturizers so even the driest skins can use them without feeling like it is cakey on the skin.  The results truly do look sun-kissed, and they can also be used solely as blush.  Every skin tone from fair to ethnic is covered with 8 shades available.  Although Guerlain Terrracotta Bronzing Powder is a bit on the high end, the price is easily justified by the fact you will surely get a good year or more use from it. Available at fine department stores $50

Legs having not seen the light of day for months, may require special attention when it’s time to switch out the wool gaberdine slacks for summer shorts and skirts.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a treasure packaged in a can.  The coverage is fantastic and the shades mimic the natural undertones of actual skin (novel approach huh?), leaving the legs looking smooth and flawless.  The formula is also waterproof, however, in the event it transfers to clothing, it washes out easily.  Although the dispenser is a spray can, I usually spray the product in my hands first, then smooth it onto the legs, use is more controlled this way.  Available at drugstores nationwide $13

2 thoughts on “Sunkissed Bronzer For Face & Legs

  1. I want this can spray! Hopefully no range lines….Im going to get it this week! thanks for the great info!! Love ur Blog!!

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