Portable Massage Bliss

For those of us who truly have a passion for fashion, it is important we look our best whether in pj’s, workout attire or everyday clothing.  However, all the fabulous attire on the planet is worthless if you don’t feel good physically.  Proper diet, water, exercise and sleep are all important to maintain our temples, however, the i-need Lumbar Massager by Brookstone is also a welcome addition toward maintenance.  The i-need Lumbar Massager is a portable massager housed in a zipper pouch, which can be taken anyplace.  I was first introduced to the i-need Lumbar Massager by a friend, after I was rear-ended at great impact.  After months with the chiropractor and use of this great massager, I’m healed completely from the effects of the accident.  I’ve continued using the massager, simply because it feels so great!  The four dual-rotating nodes deliver a deep kneading shiatsu massage to the lumbar area.  It can also be adjusted to address other areas, simply strap it on a chair, and enjoy twenty minutes of bliss.

Available at Brookstone $59.99

4 thoughts on “Portable Massage Bliss

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! Yes, isn’t the lumbar massager one of the best inventions;)).
      I will definitely be checking out your blog as well, I know I’ll enjoy it based on the name alone!

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