It’s All About Gloss For The Perfect Summer Pucker

We love the hubbies, children and often demanding careers, however, planning a girls weekend is highly therapeutic.  Staying up until the wee hours of the morning chatting it up about everything from the minute to the colossal, is a luxury in the midst of our busy lives.  Last weekend this is exactly what the girls and I did.

During the course of an endless cacophony of laughter, conversation and good eats, one of the girls disappeared for a few moments.  Upon her return we all looked in utter amazement at what seemed to be freshly collagen injected lips, and demanded to know what she had applied.  This led to each of us dumping out our cosmetic bags for a glimpse of the items we faithfully keep at an arms reach, and as it turns out, glosses took the lead by an overwhelming margin.  With Summer on the horizon, I thought it’d be fitting to pass on our reviews.  Our group included: a vocalist, a television personality, an actress and of course yours truly.

From left to right above:

  • Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm– This is a simple colourless lip balm effective at moisturizing with an SPF 20. $8.99
  • Jordana Squeeze ‘N Shine in Tahitian Tea– Our television personality uses this one and says, “It’s a great gloss on a budget, adds just the right touch of colour and has beautiful shine.”  Furthermore it’s only $1.99, and available in 12 shades (Incidentally, this is the one which delivered the collagen injected look).
  • Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia 100% natural balm which moisturizes and is a great alternative to chapstick.  Available in 6 shades $7.00
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig Calls itself the world’s best lip gloss, however, our vocalist begs to differ, she says, “It has a cooling & tingling sensation, and I like that it’s all natural, but it doesn’t last long at all.” Available in 12 shades $5 each
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15– This one happens to be a favourite for our vocalist, “I like the fact it is a very lightweight gloss yet creamy, the lips breath, and it doesn’t feel goopy.” $22.50
  • Nars Gloss in Giza– Our television personality says, “This is my favourite shade of coral ever!  The colour you see in the tube is true to the colour you will see on the lips, it’s my go-to splurge gloss!” at $24 a pop.
  • MAC Frost in Coco Nutty– Unlike my girls, I was the minimalist in the group armed with only my old faithful.  I wear this lipcolour over Rosebud Salve in the tin, and it gives me a clean, natural look with healthy sheen. $22.00
  • C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss in Coral Mint– Our vocalist also gave this one high marks, singing of its goodness, “This is a mint lovers must, it’s magnified mint in a tube, and although it has no colour, you can count on high shine and staying makes you want to kiss yourself!”  Although this shade has been phased out, the Mentha Supreme 2x Lip Shine is a great alternative, more on that below.
  • Philosophy Candy Ribbons Gloss– “This gloss gives a wet look to the lips, and tastes pretty good,” according to our lovely actress $10
  • Juice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer– “The only good thing about this gloss is it’s organic, other than that it’s watery, and doesn’t feel like it conditions, and the citrus smell and taste is not very appealing,” says our vocalist. $15
  • Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Strawberry Fizz– Our actress believes this is the ultimate gloss, “It doesn’t clump, lasts long and tastes great!  It gives a hint of blush to the lips, close to the gum colour with sparkling glow.” Available in 14 shades $7 each
  • C.O. Begelow Mentha Supreme 2x Lip Shine– Our vocalist assures us this one is, “Pretty much the same as the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Gloss in Coral Mint, but without tint.” Available at Bath & Body Works $8
  • Philosophy Frosted Cookie Lip Gloss– Great smell & taste, just like the Candy Ribbons mentioned above, it offers high shine. $10

The shades in the order above on a light and dark complexion:


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