Deborah Lippmann Nail Colour

Deborah Lippmann nail products are among my favourite.  Deborah’s career began in sultry nightclubs where she sang, with aspirations of launching a jazz career, while she worked various day jobs.  Upon realizing waitressing wasn’t for her, she eventually enrolled in cosmetology school, where she discovered her true passion for nails.  She soon became one of the countries most sought after manicurists upon relocating from Arizona to New York, and has booked work for Allure, Vogue and InStyle to name just a few.  In 1998 Deborah mixed a special blend of nail colours together to match the dress Mariah Carey wore to the Academy Awards, and at this point the Deborah Lippmann Collection was born.  The nail colours are all toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free, which are harsh on the nails and unhealthy to breath in, furthermore, no animal testing is done on any of the products.

The Deborah Lippmann Collection contains over 45 nail shades, in addition to several specialty nail, hand and feet products.  Here is a small sampling of the base coat, the perfect neutral and an amazing dramatic.


Turn Back Time Rejuvenating Base Coat contains micronized diamond core powder, which diffuses the appearance of imperfections giving the nails a smooth and even base, creating the perfect canvas for nail colour to follow.  Turn Back Time also reflects light, hence, diminishing the appearance of yellowing and staining on the nails.  This base coat can also be worn alone for a fresh, clean look.  $18


Fashion nail lacquer is a creme polish described as the not-so-typical taupe, and the description is apropos.  This is one of my favourite neutrals, it looks great with a simple tee and jeans and equally as lovely with an evening gown. $16


Don’t Tell Mama is a fitting name for this great dramatic green/blue shimmer.  Surely, if you tell mama, this beauty is likely to disappear from your vanity.  I appreciate the richness of this shade when I am going for high drama, and it is always the ‘icing’ to complete the look. $16

Deborah Lippmann has had a longstanding career because the products she creates are quality, and they also look great on a variety of different skin tones.  In addition, they are gentle on the nails without the inclusion of harsh chemicals, for more information, visit Deborah Lippmann.


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