Just Another Day At Work On The Lovely Catalina Island

I’ve been quite the inconsistent blogger over the course of the last week, work is the reason, so I thought it’s be fun to take you along. Catalina Island was the destination for the most recent shoot, and despite the overcast day, the Island was still as beautiful as ever. Once we arrived on the Catalina Express, the next order of business would be to check into our quaint little hotel with fireplace and all, unfortunately after quite a case of motion sickness, I didn’t think to pull out the Canon to take shots of the cozy abode.

Catalina Island is quite small, so much so, the mode of transportation is golf carts. The beautiful homes tucked in the hills seemed to have so much character, even from a distance.

Plenty of boats ready and waiting for their owners, or renters, to take them out for the day.

With hair and makeup complete, it’s time tohead over to the set where the action will begin, and hopefully before the drizzle, on the verge of breaking through overcast skies.

Just waiting for the noise overhead to cease before the camera resumes rolling.

Our hostess with the mostest, Kristin Adams, finished her lines just in time. It seems the skies opened the moment she finished, after which, the necessary additions were made to protect herself from the elements, and what a hodge podge it was…with another segment yet to film, this proved to be a wise move though…no question, she and our always stylish director Sandra, came well prepared.

Time for lunch at CC Gallagher, and wow, if you ever find your way to Catalina Island, you’d be remiss not to visit this amazing restaurant serving up sushi, panini sandwiches, clam chowder, decadent desserts, coffee to compliment and more…what a treat to have dined here.

Now that our appetites have been satisfied, back to work we go for the final segment.

Days like this remind me how blessed I am to work with such an incredible group of people. Bye for now Catalina Island, at least until girls weekend, coming soon! As for this moment, someone hand over the Dramamine, I’m determined to forego motion sickness as we head back home…

ahhh, it worked, not even a hint of nausea…thanx Dramamine!

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