Ten Year Old French Model, Thylane Loubry Blondeau

These photos of 10 year old Thylane Loubry Blondeau featured in Cadeaux French Vogue, sparked a fire storm of controversy, when they were introduced to the public about one year ago.

The debate was fueled on whether the photos of this little girl, whose been on the planet a mere decade, were too provocative. Initially, I wanted to believe my perception was off the mark, so I tried giving Vogue the benefit of the doubt. At a time when fashion models are getting younger and younger, I thought, surely this is simply a satire on the industry, after all, the runways are being overrun with mere babes, and the retirement age for the average model is laughable at approximately 26 years old. Unfortunately my hopes of this ad campaign spoofing the industry were dashed, when I began seeing more disturbing photos of Thylane apart from the initial Vogue spread.

This child conveys the look and persona of someone twice her age. In a world getting increasingly darker in terms of the evil being perpetuated, I would be petrified to have my child exploited in this manner, for some crazy pedophile to gawk. When a girl is positioned in front of a camera, topless, albeit covered with beads, what more should one expect? Allowing a child barely out of the womb to enter an industry fraught with depravity is setting a precedent which could lead to deep regrets. I am perplexed as I ponder how Thylane’s parents could ever condone many of these photos. Perhaps they are oblivious to the fact they could be setting her up for failure. Although Thylane Loubry Blondeau will most likely accrue great financial success… at what cost?

The fascination for Thylane is by no means surprising, her looks are stunning and rare for someone her age. Nevertheless, there is nothing attractive about a 10 year old marketing clothing to grown women, and clearly this is the intent. A sultry photo of a child with her thumb in her belt loop, hip jutting out and tussled hair is creepy to put it mildly. It seems this young girl, along with many of her contemporaries are a new breed of youth all together, exiting the womb as ‘old souls.’ Many of whom grow up far too fast as it is.

Thylane Loubry Blondeau makes for a beautiful subject, why not market her to those in her age group, she will have plenty of time to launch into a career of high fashion if this is her goal. To rush this process seems so unwise, many of the experiences I’ve heard from former “successful” models, do not portray the industry in a glowing light. Stories of starvation, drugs, perverted photographers and the like are quite prevalent, despite this, there will always be droves of young women vying for the next open spot on the runway. If it must be, instead of encouraging girls who have not yet hit puberty to enter into an industry filled with corruption, give these spots to those of an appropriate age.

The conundrum for the fashion industry seems to be determining…

What is the appropriate age?


6 thoughts on “Ten Year Old French Model, Thylane Loubry Blondeau

  1. I think children shouldn’t work in fashion. Thylane is very beautiful, but it looks wrong to portray a child as a grown woman, even as an object of lust. Fashion is a crazy world, the obsession with youth is becoming frightening and distorts our perception of reality and natural beauty.
    Of course it must have been a very interesting idea and sensational editorial that Carine Roitfeld put together for Thylane in Vogue Paris, but she should have looked at the ethical side of the matter. It is just not acceptable to portray a child in this way. We would be equally outraged if starved africans would appear in a campaign because they are thin and the clothes fit well, but an anorexic girl is no problem?


    • Very well stated, I share your sentiments exactly, it really is unfortunate to see this type of exploitation condoned. There are also photos of her completely topless, which I was beyond disgusted about the notion posting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope the world of fashion wises up on many different fronts including this one, although it seems highly unlikely.

  2. Beautiful child,but she is too young for this business.When even Adults cant handle the job and trials of the industry plus fame that comes with it,too young i say.

    • So true Audrina, she’ll have plenty of time to enter into the industry, I really don’t understand the rush. Like you stated, many adults can’t handle the industry. Thanx for sharing your thoughts;)

  3. I agree with bob you should not have a little girl topless. as a mother of 4 i do not think that is appropriate.

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