The Joys Of Resale Shopping

Everyone who knows me, knows how much of a passion I have for fashion, in fact, if I weren’t a devout Christian, fashion would most definitely be my religion.  Nevertheless, I have a love hate relationship with the industry.  There are seasons in my life when I rebel against current trends because I view them more as a marketing scheme versus true art.  At these times I usually temporarily abandon the retailers I would typically shop, and opt for vintage/resale shopping instead.

Check out these great finds I picked up on a recent excursion to Goodwill mixed with a couple of regular priced items from Target and Forever 21:

This outfit from head to toe was less than $50.

J. Crew Denim Shirt $5.99 (Goodwill)/Mossimo Grey Tank (Target) $10/Forever 21 Necklace $5.99

Field Day Skirt (Goodwill) $10-This indie clothing label based in Oakland, CA designs pieces from reclaimed materials

Although I’m not sure of the brand of these lightly worn boots, the upper, balance and sole are genuine leather, and they were $9.99 from Goodwill

If I had paid the full retail price for this ensemble, it would have been over $200 easily…the joys of hunting for resale treasures, such an adrenaline rush.


3 thoughts on “The Joys Of Resale Shopping

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