Shelly Holmes, Los Angeles Based Pop Artist With Style

After a much needed respite from Los Angeles, I’m back and rested from my excursion to Memphis, Tennessee where I had an amazing time with my dad and extended family.  I’ll share more about the culture and tourist attractions in a later post.

For now, I’d like to introduce you to Shelly Holmes, pop artist extraordinaire, who invited me to take a glimpse of her world on a recent shoot at her loft apartment in Los Angeles.  Not only is her art eclectic and novel, but so is her style sensibility.  First thing first, come along with me on a little art showing…

Right before entering Shelly’s kitchen area, her guest’s are met with this precious mural.

As we enter the living room area, the eye is immediately drawn to the purple sofa and chair, this neutral toned mural adds just the right amount of balance.

As we set off for to our next destination, this collage of pop art embellishes the hallway to the entrance.

Here we are at I Love Lulu Hair Spa, an innovative hair salon located in Los Angeles’ Miracle Mile, where Shelly’s unique design aesthetic in culmination with the owner’s, is reflected throughout, with her pieces adorning the walls along with witty quotes.

In addition to being quite the talented pop artist, Shelly’s affinity toward fashion, comes as no surprise.  Her style is a fusion of conventional and edgy, chic.  She’s not one to follow trends, but wears styles she is attracted to and work well with her frame.  This perspective is a key ingredient to achieving a look which is not contrived.

To view and for more information on Shelly’s pop art, click here.

Photos: Donyale Anise/ Top & Boots: BCBG/ Skirt: Odille/ Accessories: Vintage

2 thoughts on “Shelly Holmes, Los Angeles Based Pop Artist With Style

  1. Hi Donyale, I enjoyed looking at “Musings”.Iespecially liked you in that”waitress” look outfit.I was also surprised to see picturesof us taken together in some of your olderposts. Your pictures look very nice and detailed. Keep the posts coming. Love you, Dad. ________________________________

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