Azature, Black Diamond King

Life has been such a whirlwind over the last two months which is the reason for my lack of blogging.  Now that summer has drawn to a close, seems my hiatus has come to an end, and thankfully so, busy suits me.  One of the highlights of fall’s arrival was the Fashion’s Night Out event at Fred Segal Melrose, oh, and guess who showed up without her camera?  Yes, I know, I chose a great night to be flighty… oh well, I’m sure it won’t be the last photo op.  Anyway, I met brilliant face-to-face, and his name is Azature.  If you are not familiar, there is no doubt he will be a household name soon.

Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Azature has earned the moniker, Black Diamond King, his jewelry is beyond exquisite, and is popping up on the necks, fingers, ears and wrists of many Hollywood darlings.

With whirlwind success under his belt, the natural next step would be to introduce a nail polish made with genuine black diamonds, which is exacly what Azature did, and priced it at a mere $250,000 per bottle, and yes, there was a waiting list for it.  Each bottle came chock full of black diamonds, 267 carats to be exact.

As for me?  I chose to take Azature up on his offer to have a manicurist from his team pamper my nails with this lovely $25.00 version, which includes a black diamond in every bottle… I can only imagine the shattered bottles of Azature Black Diamond nail polish on the bathroom floors of many.

I quite like it… aside from my faux pas of forgetting the Canon at home, I’m also wearing a repeat outfit (smile)… with such a hectic week, I reached for the first dry cleaned ensemble I could get my hands on.

What a fun night!  Thanx Azature…xoxo

Azature uses only conflict free black diamonds/Photos courtesy of

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