Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

I’ve been hearing what I thought were outrageous claims about Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream for years now.  I finally decided to add it to my routine, as I appreciate the efficacy of glycolic acid products, they are so amazing at exfoliating dead skin cells away.  I also learned how a doctor specializing in burn victims created this product to speed up the recovery process.

Well, the verdict is in, Revive is absolutely amazing!  In addition to the glycolic acid, it apparently contains a molecule that speeds up cell turnover.  Now, when I first heard this I thought it sounded a bit contrived, however, upon waking up in the morning, my skin looks rested, radiant and vibrant… I know, I know these words escaping from my keyboard to this post may come across as a bit lame, and as a skeptic myself, I completely understand any reservations.  Nevertheless the results are undeniable, this cream works.

Alas, such a bittersweet discovery… yes, it is crazy effective, however, these crazy effective results require continued use of the cream and at $175?!  Ugh, I just hope my shoe collection isn’t affected by this new found habit.

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