I’m Back!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHoly Toledo!… if I have ANY followers at this point, it would be nothing short of a miracle.  Okay, so here’s my story, about three months ago, I went from freelancing to acquiring a job where I inherited a laundry list of responsibilities and a plethora of personalities, while working full-time.  Although I feel crazy blessed to have such a great gig in the beauty/fashion industry, I was befuddled at the onset, by how people actually work full-time and manage a household or other responsibilities apart from work?!!?!

For the most part, I was only able to muster up enough energy to climb the stairs toward my bedroom, and escape to fourth stage REM in record time after a long work day.  I cannot aptly articulate from my fingers to the keys on my MacBook Pro, the respect I’ve gained for all the parents who go from one full-time job to another called “parenting,” however, suffice it to state, you ALL deserve an award of some sort where all of America…no, the entire world, would witness you being honoured!

Seriously, after two weeks in, I must’ve questioned over a dozen people on how this whole “work full-time thing” works… I received many quizzical looks with comments about some craziness about it not being a new phenomenon!  NOT A NEW PHENOMENON?!!  Humph, smart alecs…sleep deprivation, achy feet, dry mouth and a brain that wouldn’t shut down?  For me, this was most definitely a new phenomenon.

Anyway, I soon came to my senses, chuckled at my utter ridiculousness…(“Donyale sweetie, brace yourself, people have been working full-time jobs since the beginning of time, get over yourself…) and took a long breathe.  I waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as I simultaneously prepared for the welcome of another new year, the official mark of holidays passed and new beginnings.

I’m excited to now rev up for my brand new season of blogging;).

I plan to make it worth your time…thanx for your patience, and cheers to a blessed, joy-filled and happy New Year!!!