The Keys That Keep On Giving


I decided years ago to give up the notion of setting one more New Year’s resolution…after all, I always seemed to fall off the proverbial wagon, which proved to be quite disconcerting over the years after one failed attempt after another.  Since those days, I’ve decided to set goals instead, which I write down in my journal at the start of each new year.  This has been very successful for me, I find myself crossing off one after another, as the year progresses.  One of my many goals this year?  Giving more… TO OTHERS.  I’m quite the expert at giving to myself, especially since the advent of secure internet shopping, where it takes all of two seconds to make a purchase.  The fact I’m a bona fide clothing, shoe, accessory addict…(oops, I meant aficionado) doesn’t help matters.  Well, I’m happy to announce the tide is changing for me on this front.  On a recent shopping excursion, I happened upon a miniature little tree hanging out on a counter at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles.  Draped on each branch were necklaces with keys dangling from them, I was intrigued, each was stamped with a powerful, inspirational word.


I quickly learned the keys are called The Giving Keys, and the story behind the inception all began with a New York hotel key.  Although I don’t remember the last time I actually saw a hotel key, thankfully Caitlin Crosby, founder of The Giving Keys can’t say the same.  As she wore her hotel key around her neck, she was inspired with the idea to collect a bundle of vintage keys, stamp an edifying word on each and transform them into necklaces.  However, she didn’t stop there, she came up with the brilliant idea to employ the homeless in her efforts to spread a little love.  What began as a noble idea has turned into a full-fledged business which allows the masses to pay it forward.  I have a heart for the homeless after volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission for a while, and I absolutely love this idea.  Much of my other jewelry no longer sees the light of day since my Giving Key purchases.   One is stamped with “faith” the other “believe,” two of my favourite words in the English language.  How apropos for me to happen upon these Giving Keys after setting a goal to be more of a giver…I’d be remiss to ignore such clear confirmation.


Check out The Giving Keys site here  where you’ll read some of the most inspiring stories, see more of the collection and pay it forward if you choose to support such an amazing cause.


7 thoughts on “The Keys That Keep On Giving

  1. I love this idea. There’s something really cool about vintage objects (like hotel keys or pay phones) that you don’t see anymore. And what a great way to give back!

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