Clarisonic, The Must-Have For Flawless Skin

IMG_5296Many of you have probably heard of an amazing little skincare device called Clarisonic by now.  The company was founded in 2001 by the primary inventor of the Sonicare oral care system which uses similar technology.  It’s taken 12 years for me to jump on the Clarisonic bandwagon, as I am a huge skeptic when it comes to the results many of these products promise will be delivered.

Well, Clarisonic didn’t over promise and under deliver like many, but actually performed superiorly.  I’ve been using the product now for a solid two months and the results are astounding.  Although I must add, the first three weeks of use were brutal for me, as I had anticipated.  I knew the product would bring all the impurities deep down to the surface, however, I wasn’t expecting the extent of breakout I experienced.  In fact, I nearly came to the conclusion the Clarisonic may be too aggressive for my typically resilient skin, three weeks seemed like a life time to live with what looked like a face full of teen acne!  Remember though, no two skins are the same, you may or may not experience breakouts and the degree also varies…patience is definitely a virtue with this unit.

I’m happy to report, after my “lifetime” of acne, my skin took on a flawless, glowy, luminous appearance…not surprising since it cleans six times better than manual cleansing alone.  I receive compliments on my skin on a consistent basis since Clarisonic took residence on my vanity.

IMG_5308Clarisonic comes with a stand, or cradle, which doubles as a charger. I opted for the Pro model which has four different speeds, as well as a body setting…

IMG_5318and of course the makers of Clarisonic thought it through, and included an extender to allow for ease of use, I know super clever huh?

IMG_5311The Clarisonic simply snaps in like so, once you add the body brush, you’re ready for spa-like pampering.

IMG_5299I’d recommend Clarisonic to absolutely anyone… I use it at nighttime only, and keep it simple in the a.m. with a gentle manual cleansing.  When it’s time to recharge; the unit is smart enough to beep in a specific pattern to let you know.  Furthermore, if you visit the Clarisonic site you will often find the brush heads specially priced.  I usually stock up… my unit came with the sensitive brush, however my skin responds best to the normal brush and deep pore for more intensive cleansing.

There are several Clarisonic models to choose from, do your research, visit the site here and go for it. Each model comes with a guarantee so if you aren’t satisfied you can always return it… and no, I’m not being paid to plug, I spent my hard earned money and encourage you to do the same, I sincerely believe you won’t regret it;).

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