Zensation…The Newest At Home Sensation For Flawless Skin

photo 1photo 2

I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to skincare gadgets and creams. After all, how effective can either truly be in making a marked difference? Well, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a few on the market lately in both categories.

My latest obsession is Zensation. It is an FDA approved Skin Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Kit using photo therapy for fine lines. Both the red and infrared light are effective for the face & eye area. The infrared light being more effective. The light pattern penetrates the skin’s surface down to the collagen level, resulting in increased collagen formation. This makes for firm, smooth, bright & flawless skin.

I’m extremely happy with mine, which I use twice per week at night for 20 minutes. I’ve seen a marked difference in the clarity, tone and firmness in my skin.

Sadly, no more visits to my dermatologist, however, my pocketbook is smiling!


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