Kimono Love

I appreciate a well done Kimono, they are chic, versatile and of course, timeless.  Depending upon the textile, they can also be worn year around.  What is there not to love about a great Kimono?  As you know from a previous post, Rabens Saloner is one of my favourite designers, producing some of the most beautiful Kimonos I’ve seen.


The one featured here coaxed me with it’s dark, rich, drapery textile, subtle tie dye and detailed beading.  It took mere seconds for me to scan my wardrobe for all the possibilities and they are endless.  Since there are only so many hours in a day; I decided to settle on the one I’d probably rock most.


Denim is quintessential LA…we love it no matter the occasion.  Paired with this cozy Acne tee, and skinny Rag and Bone jeans in distressed blue, this look will flow seamlessly from day to evening.

IMG_7105By day a flat sandal is perfect, and by night, a great bootie or stiletto pump for dress up.  The beading coupled with the tie dye makes this particular Kimono a statement piece, which is why I would accessorize very little.  A dainty necklace and stud earrings would complete this look and prevent it from being too busy.

As stated, the possibilities truly are endless, it works great over a little black dress, shorts, a slip dress with the kimono cinched at the waist.  I’m super excited to don this new addition to my wardrobe, and encourage you to grab a staple Kimono to add a touch of flavour to yours.

A bit of flavour never goes out of style!

Danish Designer, Birgitte Raben Olrik, Creator Of Rabens Saloner

Birgittetheone_1-500x750 About one year ago I was introduced to Birgitte Raben Olrik.  I couldn’t help scanning her from head to toe, as my eye was drawn to each piece she wore, which had such clean lines, and exquisite detail.  Furthermore, the textiles looked rich and luxurious with the perfect drape.  I would later learn Birgitte is a clothing designer (not surprising) from Copenhagen, Denmark and creator of Rabens Saloner, now one of my favourite labels.  Since being introduced to the line, and brilliant lady behind it, I have accumulated several pieces.  I’ll share several looks with you within the next week or so. What makes Rabens Saloner so appealing?  Many of the fabrics Birgitte chooses are handmade and dyed, her line is not trendy, but for the woman who isn’t afraid to create her own identity. This makes each piece classic and timeless.  Birgitte acquires most of her fabrics from small artisans in Asia where she chooses the most opulent fabrics available. I’ve yet to wear a Rabens Saloner piece without receiving compliments.  This speaks volumes for the designer herself.  Birgitte’s passion for designing is evident in each piece she creates.  Her clothing line is such an expression of the art behind the making of each garment. IMG_7061 These Rabens Saloner pants are super versatile, and can easily be worn daytime with Birkenstocks, a sneaker wedge, flat booties or evening with a heeled boot like the one featured here, strappy sandals or simple pumps.  They have zippers on each side, which look great unzipped or zipped and scrunched up for a bit of edge.  I also love the tie-dye detail on them, the colour combination is beautiful, and the progression of one shade to the next is so well done.  Because I consider these pants a statement piece, I tend to keep it simple with the choices I make to accompany them. A simple white tee, low key jewelry and voilà!  Stay tuned for upcoming Rabens Saloner looks, and be sure to check out her website to see the new spring/summer ’15 collection.

Christian Louboutin Nail Colour

Today was supposed to be all about Rabens Saloner, however, appointments ran late and to shoot the many different looks would be a bit much at this late hour…so it turns out tomorrow is the day;)

As for now, it’s all about Christian Louboutin nail colour, which has probably been blogged about a gazillion times by now.  There has been quite the buzz surrounding this new addition to the Louboutin family, primarily because of the high price point attached.  Of course, price is relative, however, for the average person $50 is a slight splurge for nail colour.  I finally put it to the test today, and the results were super pleasing.  First, the colour selection is amazing, the consistency is highly-pigmented, the dry time is incredibly fast, the bottle is gorgeous, it gives a high shine, the amount of polish in the bottle is astounding and the verdict is still out on the staying power.
However, even without considering how the polish wears, I still give it high marks…the quality is like none I’ve experienced.


I used Wherever, a vivid, blue shade, and would definitely spend $50 on another.  As far as I can tell; it’s a dream nail product.  Furthermore, if I add up all the OPI and Butter polish I’ve accumulated over just the past month, the total would far exceed the price of this far superiour Louboutin polish…Christian has done it again!


Christian Louboutin nail colours are available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora stores.

Starting Out With A Bang

So 2015 is here, and I exclaim the same thing every year, “This is going to be the best year yet!” and each year has it’s fair share of ups and downs, nonetheless, some areas surely could be deemed the best.

Well, this year has started out with quite a bang for me, and I mean the challenging variety of bangs.  I found out I have been the victim of Identity Theft, and am in the throes of dealing with all the aggravation associated, went in for my routine teeth cleaning today and ended up having a major unexpected procedure, I’m already exhausted from working well over a 40 hour work week!  As a result, the start of the new year has consisted of plenty of isolation on my part, peppered with a slight ‘funk’ to accompany it.


What’s happening, this really isn’t what I intended to post?!  I was supposed to be posting photographs of my fabulous new Rabens Saloner pieces I added to my wardrobe just yesterday in preparation for spring/summer, rave about the many ways I’d rock them and share the brilliance of the creator, Birgitte Raben Olrik, of Copenhagen, Denmark.  An amazing woman with a loving spirit and an eye for breath-taking textiles…stay tuned, for tomorrow’s post, I won’t disappoint.


Anyway, I began to find myself being drawn into a ‘pity party’ for one, and it was definitely on the verge of becoming a full-fledged all-nighter.  Have you ever thought everyone’s marriage, children, boyfriend, job, etc. seem so perfect, according to their social media posts, in comparison to yours?  Of course, I’m not intimating we all venture to the opposite extreme, and go about depressing one another, however, I suppose it would be reassuring to know there’s someone else out there feeling the challenges life sometimes serves up.  Well, here I am!  As I fantasized about escalating my ‘pity party’ to an all out rave, I received a timely message from an unlikely duo, Nas & Damien Marley…

I realize what we all know, which is everyone has peaks and valleys in life, and this won’t change.  We truly need both for our growth and maturity.  The valleys refine us while the peaks help us to remain in a posture of gratitude.  I’ve so much to be grateful…I’m able to stop and truly smell the roses, I love my jobs despite exhaustion at times, have amazing family and friends who make me belly laugh on a consistent basis,  food in the fridge, clothing in the closet, a car, roof over my head…I could go on and on.  Enough of these first world problems, everything is going to be alright, I truly do count my blessings…life is good.


6 Amazing & Hugely Effective Beauty Products

Over the years I’ve tried more beauty products than I am able to count, mainly because it’s been part of my job, and also because I’m a bit of a product junkie.  Although I prefer organic and/or vegan products, I find I have to use more active products to see visible results.  Most of the products listed here do not fall into the organic or vegan category, however, on a forthcoming post, I’ll share my go-to’s in this category.  This stated, I’d like to share with you the 6 most effective beauty products in my accoutrement, in no particular order.

I’ve been using this Foreo cleansing device for about 8 months, and it has many pros, starting with the fact it is made completely of silicone.  Silicone doesn’t harbour bacteria and also feels very gentle on the skin.  In fact, when I first used this device, I didn’t feel my skin had been properly cleansed.  Upon going over my skin with toner on a cotton pad, I realized there IMG_7014were no traces whatsoever of any debris.  After about one month, my skin became used to the type of cleansing the Foreo delivers.  The size of the Foreo makes it perfect for travel in the handy bag which accompanies it, and it only has to be charged twice per year.  It also has 8 settings and the backside allows for massaging moisturizer on to the skin.  The only very slight downside to this device is it does not time your cleansing routine.  It is also available for men in a more course version for their thicker skin.

Raw, African Black Soap is handmade in West Africa, and the ingredients can vary depending upon the region in which it is made, however, it is typically made with a blend of: plantain skin, cocoa pod powder, tropical honey, shea butter and virgin coconut oil.  This is it, no preservatives, artificial fragrance or colouring…au natural.  Black soap is a natural source of vitamin A & E and contains a high amount of glycerin,IMG_7023 which all help to strengthen yet keep the skin and hair soft.  Yes, it makes for an excellent shampoo, as well as shaving cream for men.  It also helps to heal acne and blemishes related, and many give it great reviews for addressing eczema and psoriasis.  I order my African black soap in bulk, it lasts for years if properly stored.

IMG_7020Cure Natural Aqua Gel is an exfoliant made in Japan.  This product is absolutely amazing!  It exfoliates the skin without the use of grains.  It contains softening agents, brighteners and most important of all you literally see the skin balling up and rolling off the face within seconds.  It’s made up of Ginkgo Biloba, Aloe Vera and other plant extracts, it should be used no more than twice per week…although enticing to use more.  I’m not sure how it works so effectively, given the fact, aside from the plant extracts, it contains activated hydrolyzed water, yet is free of acids which are most commonly used for effectively exfoliating the skin.  Whatever the case, it stands up to the claims, and is the number one selling exfoliant in Japan.

I’m a huge fan of oils and use them on my hair, face and body faithfully and have been for years.  A high quality essential oil most closely resembles sebum, which promotes healthier skin.  For the most part, most oils I’ve used have kept my skin super soft and have evenedIMG_7017 out the skin tone beautifully.  Själ Saphir Concentrate has done much more for my skin than my typical oils because of the anti-ageing benefits.  Because of an anti-ageing bioactive complex, it visibly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by plumping and improving the elasticity of the skin.  This oil has worked wonders on my skin, used sparingly, it goes a long way.

This product is seriously magic in a bottle, the results are beyond astounding.  I saw results almost immediately upon my first application of Dr. Sebagh’s Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum.  In fact, this product has transformed my skin so IMG_7016drastically, I have no need for foundation, except for special occasions.  It has evened out and brightened my skin, diminished lines, minimized my pore size and greatly improved the overall texture.  Youth Serum gives a perpetual glow to the skin, and is one of the most common compliments I’ve received since using it.

Looks like this one is due to be replenished soon, lol…another one of my faithfuls.  RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream was created by Dr. Gregory Bays Brown to help burn victims heal more expeditiously.  Because of it’s huge success, a full line of skincare was spawned, to meet the needs of every skin type and demographic.  I use this cream over my Youth Serum every night and the combination is like a mini at-home surgical treatment.  The twoIMG_7035 main ingredients which garner guaranteed results within two weeks are glycolic acid, an organic exfoliant, and a highly active solution of EGF, an epidermal growth factor.  I won’t go into specifics about this ingredient, at the risk you’d be bored to tears, suffice it to state it is a brilliant addition in the ingredient line-up.  This product has been revamped and is now called Moisturizing Renewal Cream Hydrator and housed in a green jar.

So this is my list of personal favourite beauty products, which have honestly transformed my skin, of course a healthy diet and plenty of water play an integral role as well.  If you have favourites, please email me or let me know through chat, I’d love to check them out!

Ahhh…A Rainy, Lazy Day In LA

Today I was going to blog about the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin profoundly.  However, as I looked out my bedroom window to see the skies were grey and puddles had formed on the sill, my heart leaped a bit.  I hadn’t realized it had rained and was now drizzling…I love when it rains in Los Angeles.  I love the sound of it, the smell in the air after, walking in it while listening to my iPod, the fact my car gets washed, after much procrastination on my part, to actually drive it to the carwash, lol.  Not surprisingly, I decided to ditch any semblance of work.  Although blogging is hardly work for me, I made the executive decision to postpone the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin so profoundly until tomorrow;)


As quickly as the thought came, I grabbed a sweater and coat, donned my favourite, cold weather hat which is a bit quirky with the squirrels and all, (nonetheless, this Eugenia Kim has served me well over the last 5 years), powered up the iPod and took to the streets of LA where it rarely rains.  The first song that played was one I haven’t heard in years, it brought back memories of such good times…remember this one by The Roots?

I love when it rains in Los Angeles…

Come On Let’s Get Happy!

Gone are the days of standard, boring socks!  If you pull open your sock drawer just to find yourself staring into a sea of stark, blinding whiteness or an abyss of immeasurable blackness…it’s time to get Happy;).  Donning a pair of Happy Socks is the the perfect prescription.  They’re fun, bold, chock full of personality, designed in Sweden and offer an enormous selection for every man, woman and child in the nation.  Not to mention the fact they feel like cashmere on your feet, enveloping them in plush, irresistible softness.


Are you smiling yet?  You know you want them, in fact, you’ve got to have them!  Skedaddle (is this a word?) over to Ron Robinson at Fred Segal and stock up…are you still here?  Go…Now people!

Milky Chance, A Burst Of Musical Greatness

Although most of my posts centre around fashion and beauty, I happen to have a major passion for music, with an iTunes library full of thousands of selections to prove it.  I truly feel music is food for the soul…when I’m going through trials & tribulations, my medicine is music, when life is on the upswing, I’m all about great music.  No matter the occasion or mood, music always has a place.  I often isolate and immerse myself in it for inspiration, and also find it cathartic, a super effective form of therapy.

Recently, I was introduced to a band called Milky Chance, made up of two musical geniuses, Clemens and Philipp.  Upon researching a bit, I realized they’ve been around for a while, so figured I was “out of the loop,” while everyone else was “in the loop.”  I soon discovered many of my friends and acquaintances were unfamiliar, hence, this post.  No one should be deprived of such musical amazingness!  Milky Chance hail from Kassel, Germany, met on the first day of school in an Advanced Music Course in 11th grade, “clicked” at the outset and have been best friends ever since.



Milky Chance blends folk, soul and addictive beats with rich vocals to create an experience for the listener.  In addition, many of the tracks have a reggae flavour, which is appealing to the masses, and crosses every demographic.  Lead man, Clemens Rehbein, seems to carry each note effortlessly with a raspy (which is heard more on their acoustic material), clarity to his voice. They’re music allows for a temporary, and often much needed, hiatus from reality. Pardon me if this seems dramatic, however, this is it’s effect on me.  I’ve had it on repeat in my car and home since being introduced, this duo is a must for any music or non-music aficionado’s library, in short, a win-win for everyone.

Although difficult to choose a favourite, since I am a fan of every track, I settled on “Running.” Give it a listen below, then go to iTunes and make your purchase;).

Happy listening, xo

The Tuxedo Jacket…And, Yes, The Boyfriend Jean

When I become acquainted with something I like, I am quite the loyalist, whether an amazing person, face serum, body creme, clothing item, etc.  For now, my latest obsession?  Boyfriend jeans!  It’s difficult to resist a great pair…they’re super comfortable, can be dressed up or down and have a certain sex appeal. Several months ago I shared a casual look, so now for a dressier take.


1.)  This Ines de La Fressange tuxedo jacket goes with so many pieces, it’s 3/4 length adds balance to the vintage boyfriend jeans cropped when slightly rolled up

2.)  The white tee is unfinished with a beautiful drape, and super sheer, a sample from a designer friend

3.)  As far as jewelry, I’ve worn these pieces consistently for nearly a year, may be time for change;)…this vintage rose gold bangle makes a statement, and layered necklaces have been my preferred look for the last several years…


4.)  The black stone at the top is a natural black garnet gem stone, I have an affinity toward raw gems, there’s something so fascinating about the fact they grow from the earth in such a beautiful state…polished gems have their place, however, overall I’m inevitably drawn to the raw…so exquisite

5.)  Next, is a very special staple piece to me…a rose gold K Kane initial necklace with a small diamond for just the right touch

6.)  Finally, a surprise Christmas gift, which placed a huge smile on my face when received (I’d been eyeing it for months), this K/LLR necklace with such precise detail


7.)  To finish this look, I decided on this 2 1/2 inch Miss L-Fire, art deco inspired pump, this brand is a favourite of mine simply because of it’s uniqueness and timelessness…perfect for fall/winter, although a strappy sandal with height would be best for summer

In the next few days, I’ll post pics to Instagram of how this look wears…

Last, but not least, and given this is my first post since the start of 2015, Happy New Year to you all!  May your heart’s desires manifest, blessings chase you down and laughter be like medicine to your soul… Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!!!