Milky Chance, A Burst Of Musical Greatness

Although most of my posts centre around fashion and beauty, I happen to have a major passion for music, with an iTunes library full of thousands of selections to prove it.  I truly feel music is food for the soul…when I’m going through trials & tribulations, my medicine is music, when life is on the upswing, I’m all about great music.  No matter the occasion or mood, music always has a place.  I often isolate and immerse myself in it for inspiration, and also find it cathartic, a super effective form of therapy.

Recently, I was introduced to a band called Milky Chance, made up of two musical geniuses, Clemens and Philipp.  Upon researching a bit, I realized they’ve been around for a while, so figured I was “out of the loop,” while everyone else was “in the loop.”  I soon discovered many of my friends and acquaintances were unfamiliar, hence, this post.  No one should be deprived of such musical amazingness!  Milky Chance hail from Kassel, Germany, met on the first day of school in an Advanced Music Course in 11th grade, “clicked” at the outset and have been best friends ever since.



Milky Chance blends folk, soul and addictive beats with rich vocals to create an experience for the listener.  In addition, many of the tracks have a reggae flavour, which is appealing to the masses, and crosses every demographic.  Lead man, Clemens Rehbein, seems to carry each note effortlessly with a raspy (which is heard more on their acoustic material), clarity to his voice. They’re music allows for a temporary, and often much needed, hiatus from reality. Pardon me if this seems dramatic, however, this is it’s effect on me.  I’ve had it on repeat in my car and home since being introduced, this duo is a must for any music or non-music aficionado’s library, in short, a win-win for everyone.

Although difficult to choose a favourite, since I am a fan of every track, I settled on “Running.” Give it a listen below, then go to iTunes and make your purchase;).

Happy listening, xo

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