The Tuxedo Jacket…And, Yes, The Boyfriend Jean

When I become acquainted with something I like, I am quite the loyalist, whether an amazing person, face serum, body creme, clothing item, etc.  For now, my latest obsession?  Boyfriend jeans!  It’s difficult to resist a great pair…they’re super comfortable, can be dressed up or down and have a certain sex appeal. Several months ago I shared a casual look, so now for a dressier take.


1.)  This Ines de La Fressange tuxedo jacket goes with so many pieces, it’s 3/4 length adds balance to the vintage boyfriend jeans cropped when slightly rolled up

2.)  The white tee is unfinished with a beautiful drape, and super sheer, a sample from a designer friend

3.)  As far as jewelry, I’ve worn these pieces consistently for nearly a year, may be time for change;)…this vintage rose gold bangle makes a statement, and layered necklaces have been my preferred look for the last several years…


4.)  The black stone at the top is a natural black garnet gem stone, I have an affinity toward raw gems, there’s something so fascinating about the fact they grow from the earth in such a beautiful state…polished gems have their place, however, overall I’m inevitably drawn to the raw…so exquisite

5.)  Next, is a very special staple piece to me…a rose gold K Kane initial necklace with a small diamond for just the right touch

6.)  Finally, a surprise Christmas gift, which placed a huge smile on my face when received (I’d been eyeing it for months), this K/LLR necklace with such precise detail


7.)  To finish this look, I decided on this 2 1/2 inch Miss L-Fire, art deco inspired pump, this brand is a favourite of mine simply because of it’s uniqueness and timelessness…perfect for fall/winter, although a strappy sandal with height would be best for summer

In the next few days, I’ll post pics to Instagram of how this look wears…

Last, but not least, and given this is my first post since the start of 2015, Happy New Year to you all!  May your heart’s desires manifest, blessings chase you down and laughter be like medicine to your soul… Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!!!



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