Come On Let’s Get Happy!

Gone are the days of standard, boring socks!  If you pull open your sock drawer just to find yourself staring into a sea of stark, blinding whiteness or an abyss of immeasurable blackness…it’s time to get Happy;).  Donning a pair of Happy Socks is the the perfect prescription.  They’re fun, bold, chock full of personality, designed in Sweden and offer an enormous selection for every man, woman and child in the nation.  Not to mention the fact they feel like cashmere on your feet, enveloping them in plush, irresistible softness.


Are you smiling yet?  You know you want them, in fact, you’ve got to have them!  Skedaddle (is this a word?) over to Ron Robinson at Fred Segal and stock up…are you still here?  Go…Now people!


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