Ahhh…A Rainy, Lazy Day In LA

Today I was going to blog about the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin profoundly.  However, as I looked out my bedroom window to see the skies were grey and puddles had formed on the sill, my heart leaped a bit.  I hadn’t realized it had rained and was now drizzling…I love when it rains in Los Angeles.  I love the sound of it, the smell in the air after, walking in it while listening to my iPod, the fact my car gets washed, after much procrastination on my part, to actually drive it to the carwash, lol.  Not surprisingly, I decided to ditch any semblance of work.  Although blogging is hardly work for me, I made the executive decision to postpone the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin so profoundly until tomorrow;)


As quickly as the thought came, I grabbed a sweater and coat, donned my favourite, cold weather hat which is a bit quirky with the squirrels and all, (nonetheless, this Eugenia Kim has served me well over the last 5 years), powered up the iPod and took to the streets of LA where it rarely rains.  The first song that played was one I haven’t heard in years, it brought back memories of such good times…remember this one by The Roots?

I love when it rains in Los Angeles…


2 thoughts on “Ahhh…A Rainy, Lazy Day In LA

  1. I always love an opportunity so see your beautiful face, nice post! I’m really looking forward to hearing your top 5 picks! I admire and respect your advice!!! love

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