Christian Louboutin Nail Colour

Today was supposed to be all about Rabens Saloner, however, appointments ran late and to shoot the many different looks would be a bit much at this late hour…so it turns out tomorrow is the day;)

As for now, it’s all about Christian Louboutin nail colour, which has probably been blogged about a gazillion times by now.  There has been quite the buzz surrounding this new addition to the Louboutin family, primarily because of the high price point attached.  Of course, price is relative, however, for the average person $50 is a slight splurge for nail colour.  I finally put it to the test today, and the results were super pleasing.  First, the colour selection is amazing, the consistency is highly-pigmented, the dry time is incredibly fast, the bottle is gorgeous, it gives a high shine, the amount of polish in the bottle is astounding and the verdict is still out on the staying power.
However, even without considering how the polish wears, I still give it high marks…the quality is like none I’ve experienced.


I used Wherever, a vivid, blue shade, and would definitely spend $50 on another.  As far as I can tell; it’s a dream nail product.  Furthermore, if I add up all the OPI and Butter polish I’ve accumulated over just the past month, the total would far exceed the price of this far superiour Louboutin polish…Christian has done it again!


Christian Louboutin nail colours are available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Sephora stores.


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