Danish Designer, Birgitte Raben Olrik, Creator Of Rabens Saloner

Birgittetheone_1-500x750 About one year ago I was introduced to Birgitte Raben Olrik.  I couldn’t help scanning her from head to toe, as my eye was drawn to each piece she wore, which had such clean lines, and exquisite detail.  Furthermore, the textiles looked rich and luxurious with the perfect drape.  I would later learn Birgitte is a clothing designer (not surprising) from Copenhagen, Denmark and creator of Rabens Saloner, now one of my favourite labels.  Since being introduced to the line, and brilliant lady behind it, I have accumulated several pieces.  I’ll share several looks with you within the next week or so. What makes Rabens Saloner so appealing?  Many of the fabrics Birgitte chooses are handmade and dyed, her line is not trendy, but for the woman who isn’t afraid to create her own identity. This makes each piece classic and timeless.  Birgitte acquires most of her fabrics from small artisans in Asia where she chooses the most opulent fabrics available. I’ve yet to wear a Rabens Saloner piece without receiving compliments.  This speaks volumes for the designer herself.  Birgitte’s passion for designing is evident in each piece she creates.  Her clothing line is such an expression of the art behind the making of each garment. IMG_7061 These Rabens Saloner pants are super versatile, and can easily be worn daytime with Birkenstocks, a sneaker wedge, flat booties or evening with a heeled boot like the one featured here, strappy sandals or simple pumps.  They have zippers on each side, which look great unzipped or zipped and scrunched up for a bit of edge.  I also love the tie-dye detail on them, the colour combination is beautiful, and the progression of one shade to the next is so well done.  Because I consider these pants a statement piece, I tend to keep it simple with the choices I make to accompany them. A simple white tee, low key jewelry and voilà!  Stay tuned for upcoming Rabens Saloner looks, and be sure to check out her website to see the new spring/summer ’15 collection. rabenssaloner.com

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