It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Summer

Today is the first truly warm, bordering on hot,  day in Southern California, and I love everything about it!  As much as I love layering and the cool, brisk days of winter here in Cali, I’m ready for the beach, barbecues (veggie burgers and seitan please) and getting the sun kissed glow from being in the elements a bit too long most likely. Because I needed to look somewhat put together today with meetings on the books, I’d have hours to myself afterwards, therefore, I chose a lightweight, simple ensemble.

This is my first time wearing this very comfy, sheer Nesh top and lightweight Anine Bing jeans. I went with my most comfortable Ash wedge shoes and minimal accessories. I don’t always hit the mark, however, I think I did good today;)…

only quandary ahead of me?  How to keep the white spot-free…ah well, an ongoing dilemma;))

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