Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know, I know…many of you from other parts of North America wince when Californians exclaim how “cold” it is.  However, it truly has been this winter, and of course we’ve had our share of a few exorbitantly hot days here and there since spring sprung.  As for me, after freezing a few nights ago because I was completely underdressed, I’m back to layering.

Today I wore my Ines de la Fressange tuxedo jacket over a white destroyed tee, a studded chambray shirt over it and a cozy Theory cashmere sweater around the waist, just in case I’d have to don it tonight at dinner.  My old favourite Joe’s white denim seemed apropos with my black moto boots…and by now, you all know how much joy I get accessorizing.

I was comfy all day into late night with this ensemble, although I had to add my scarf (not pictured) and the sweater, as the temperature plummeted a bit.

As much as I adore layering…I’ve been missing you summer,  can’t wait to bask in you soon💕

Lastly, pardon the overzealous cropper who decided my complete hair style wasn’t worth


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