Retinol Reform By Shani Darden

Just when I think I’ve discovered the best skin care regimen offered on this planet for my skin, someone shoves the ‘latest greatest’ into my hand, imploring me to “Just try it.”  Retinol Reform is the product of the moment for me.  So you’re wondering “What makes this product so great?”  For starters, it contains 5% pure retinol, it works gradually which prevents the skin from flaking, the depth of lines & wrinkles soften substantially, anyone is able to use it from acne prone skin to sun damaged skin and it can be used under the eyes.  You can also expect to see reduced pore size, smoother texture,  hyperpigmentation/dark spots lightened and firmer skin.

 When I met Shani, the first thing I noticed was a fresh, glowing skin.  I thought “I want whatever she’s using!”  I was thrilled to receive my very own bottle.  Not only does Shani’s skin look incredible, however, she has an A list celebrity list of clients with amazing skin!  Even guys like it and at $95 most of us are able to fit it into the budget.



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