Welcome to my blog, I’m Donyale Anise, and after much prompting from family and friends, I finally decided to launch Musings of a Stylista in 2012.  After receiving my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism, my career began as a producer for several public relations shows, then as a television news anchor and subsequently a radio disc jockey.  Next, I found my way onto many a runway in Chicago modeling for a plethora of local designers who acted as catalysts to spawn my deep love relationship with the fashion industry.  

After many years on the runway, a very talented music producer, Jamie Principle, discovered me on the runway, invited me into his studio to make music, became my hero, as well as, the reason I developed my ear.  In addition, he helped me to appreciate all music genres.  I went on to work with several bands and producers over the next decade, then ventured into the television & film industry where I would work as a make-up artist, wardrobe and hair stylist for many years.  I’ve been blessed with varied careers where I’ve had amazing times and have gleaned much!  I’ve had the privilege of working side by side some of the most incredible artists, talent and everyday people who have imparted into my many crafts over the years.  I have a great adoration for fashion, beauty, music, books, photography…most everything art related, it seems they all somehow merge together, which is the reason I’ve had difficulty over the years settling on one.  I’ve come full circle back to my roots in writing and look forward to using my blog as a platform to share with you as I am inspired. 

Nevertheless, before any of the aforementioned, comes my deep faith in my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I thank God for the giftings and talents He has imparted into my life, and will forever give Him the credit.  Without Him I would never have had the opportunities to experience all I have both in my career and personally.

Enjoy my musings, many thanx for stopping by and please be encouraged to post comments.  I appreciate and respond to each, including those offering constructive criticism.


Big love, blessings and plenty of belly laughter,


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ms Donyale, I think you’re an amazing person and have a great sense of style. I dare not question your recommedation for anything related to beauty and fashion. You are definitely a class act. Working on the set with you was awesome.

    Now that I know I’ve been bending my lashes instead of curling them, my next purchase will be the Shu Uemura lash curler.

    Thanks again for the beauty tip.


    • Hello Marlo,

      It was also a great pleasure to work with you as well, you are an amazing actress, and I know you have a prosperous career ahead of you. Lol, I’m glad I could be intervention on behalf of your little lashes… you will definitely appreciate the Shu Uemura curler;)).


  2. Ohh la la,

    This blog looks like fun and another opportunity for me to voice my thoughts. Look forward to meeting you someday and being interviewed as a fellow muse for the fella’s.


  3. Hi Rose!

    Perfect timing, I just had the chance to peruse your blog, and just as I figured, it is amazing! I look forward to experimenting in the kitchen, and so happy to have your blog to assist me;).
    We’ll surely keep in touch!

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