DJ Adam Excess

Whether Adam Casey (better known as Adam Excess) is gearing up to DJ a gig in some part of the world, or just hanging out prowling for catchy beats to add to his endless library of music, his style is always on point.A backwards baseball cap, destroyed tee, loose cropped cotton pants, sneakers, arm candy and an exquisite tattoo make for a pulled together, yet relaxed look.

Starting Out With A Bang

So 2015 is here, and I exclaim the same thing every year, “This is going to be the best year yet!” and each year has it’s fair share of ups and downs, nonetheless, some areas surely could be deemed the best.

Well, this year has started out with quite a bang for me, and I mean the challenging variety of bangs.  I found out I have been the victim of Identity Theft, and am in the throes of dealing with all the aggravation associated, went in for my routine teeth cleaning today and ended up having a major unexpected procedure, I’m already exhausted from working well over a 40 hour work week!  As a result, the start of the new year has consisted of plenty of isolation on my part, peppered with a slight ‘funk’ to accompany it.


What’s happening, this really isn’t what I intended to post?!  I was supposed to be posting photographs of my fabulous new Rabens Saloner pieces I added to my wardrobe just yesterday in preparation for spring/summer, rave about the many ways I’d rock them and share the brilliance of the creator, Birgitte Raben Olrik, of Copenhagen, Denmark.  An amazing woman with a loving spirit and an eye for breath-taking textiles…stay tuned, for tomorrow’s post, I won’t disappoint.


Anyway, I began to find myself being drawn into a ‘pity party’ for one, and it was definitely on the verge of becoming a full-fledged all-nighter.  Have you ever thought everyone’s marriage, children, boyfriend, job, etc. seem so perfect, according to their social media posts, in comparison to yours?  Of course, I’m not intimating we all venture to the opposite extreme, and go about depressing one another, however, I suppose it would be reassuring to know there’s someone else out there feeling the challenges life sometimes serves up.  Well, here I am!  As I fantasized about escalating my ‘pity party’ to an all out rave, I received a timely message from an unlikely duo, Nas & Damien Marley…

I realize what we all know, which is everyone has peaks and valleys in life, and this won’t change.  We truly need both for our growth and maturity.  The valleys refine us while the peaks help us to remain in a posture of gratitude.  I’ve so much to be grateful…I’m able to stop and truly smell the roses, I love my jobs despite exhaustion at times, have amazing family and friends who make me belly laugh on a consistent basis,  food in the fridge, clothing in the closet, a car, roof over my head…I could go on and on.  Enough of these first world problems, everything is going to be alright, I truly do count my blessings…life is good.


Ahhh…A Rainy, Lazy Day In LA

Today I was going to blog about the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin profoundly.  However, as I looked out my bedroom window to see the skies were grey and puddles had formed on the sill, my heart leaped a bit.  I hadn’t realized it had rained and was now drizzling…I love when it rains in Los Angeles.  I love the sound of it, the smell in the air after, walking in it while listening to my iPod, the fact my car gets washed, after much procrastination on my part, to actually drive it to the carwash, lol.  Not surprisingly, I decided to ditch any semblance of work.  Although blogging is hardly work for me, I made the executive decision to postpone the top 5 beauty items which have changed my skin so profoundly until tomorrow;)


As quickly as the thought came, I grabbed a sweater and coat, donned my favourite, cold weather hat which is a bit quirky with the squirrels and all, (nonetheless, this Eugenia Kim has served me well over the last 5 years), powered up the iPod and took to the streets of LA where it rarely rains.  The first song that played was one I haven’t heard in years, it brought back memories of such good times…remember this one by The Roots?

I love when it rains in Los Angeles…

Milky Chance, A Burst Of Musical Greatness

Although most of my posts centre around fashion and beauty, I happen to have a major passion for music, with an iTunes library full of thousands of selections to prove it.  I truly feel music is food for the soul…when I’m going through trials & tribulations, my medicine is music, when life is on the upswing, I’m all about great music.  No matter the occasion or mood, music always has a place.  I often isolate and immerse myself in it for inspiration, and also find it cathartic, a super effective form of therapy.

Recently, I was introduced to a band called Milky Chance, made up of two musical geniuses, Clemens and Philipp.  Upon researching a bit, I realized they’ve been around for a while, so figured I was “out of the loop,” while everyone else was “in the loop.”  I soon discovered many of my friends and acquaintances were unfamiliar, hence, this post.  No one should be deprived of such musical amazingness!  Milky Chance hail from Kassel, Germany, met on the first day of school in an Advanced Music Course in 11th grade, “clicked” at the outset and have been best friends ever since.



Milky Chance blends folk, soul and addictive beats with rich vocals to create an experience for the listener.  In addition, many of the tracks have a reggae flavour, which is appealing to the masses, and crosses every demographic.  Lead man, Clemens Rehbein, seems to carry each note effortlessly with a raspy (which is heard more on their acoustic material), clarity to his voice. They’re music allows for a temporary, and often much needed, hiatus from reality. Pardon me if this seems dramatic, however, this is it’s effect on me.  I’ve had it on repeat in my car and home since being introduced, this duo is a must for any music or non-music aficionado’s library, in short, a win-win for everyone.

Although difficult to choose a favourite, since I am a fan of every track, I settled on “Running.” Give it a listen below, then go to iTunes and make your purchase;).

Happy listening, xo

Jay Kay, Lead Singer of Jamiroquai… Style, Soul & Swag

The name Jamiroquai sparks such fond memories of countless good times. Front man of this UK based band, Jason Luis Cheetham, better known as Jay Kay is the reason. I remember when Jamiroquai first launched on the scene in America with the release of Emergency On Planet Earth, it was love at first listen, and what a beautiful journey it’s been ever since. The soulful sound of Jay Kay’s voice along with the funky, eclectic vibe of his band drew me in like a Stylista to Christian Louboutin’s. I was front row and center at his very first performance in Chicago, which was in this little ‘dive.’ It was so intimate, in fact, a few of us in the audience were invited on stage to perform side-by-side the man himself. Memories like these are absolutely priceless, Jay Kay had a way of bringing the audience into his world, as well as each others.

My friends and I never missed a Jamiroquai performance, and when we would leave the respective venue they happened to be performing, we found we had formed a litany of bonds, of course this is no longer the case, the days of enjoying Jay Kay in such intimacy are long gone. With the release of Virtual Insanity from Jamiroquai’s third album Traveling Without Moving, the band catapulted to new heights here in the States.

Jay Kay is known for an array of elaborate hats and headgear, not to mention a quirky take on style choices on stage, while keeping it tasteful, effortless and streamlined off, which is probably another reason I have such an affinity for him…the man’s got a great style sensibility along with serious swag, and his offbeat dance moves are such icing on the proverbial cake. With the thousands of artists in my iPod, Jay Kay is one I haven’t grown tired of after all these years. His music is timeless, soulful and takes me back to a time when life was so much simpler.

This first video, Emergency On Planet Earth, is an oldie, but oh so good, from Jamiroquai’s debut album of the same title.

Une Very Stylish Fille-Dimitri From Paris

A tribute to the lovely Audrey Hepburn, a fashion icon, and the very stylish ‘stylistas’ across the globe.