A New Obsession, Charlotte Olympia Shoes

Photo: Julia Kennedy

The affinity many women feel toward their shoes, is a phenomenon which has existed for decades, maybe even centuries.  We love our precious Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Chanel designs, as well as a litany of others.  Honestly, if another shoe designer never surfaced, most of us wouldn’t even notice given all the beyond amazing choices already on the market.  However, when a designer who is able to hold her own in the company of those aforementioned takes the spotlight, we take notice.  Charlotte Olympia Dellal is one such designer.

Charlotte studied at world renowned Cordwainers in London, and interned at Giambattista Valli in Paris throughout her schooling when time would permit, as she prepared to launch the Charlotte Olympia label.  She opened her first store in Mayfair, London in July 2010, and has been soaring on quite the high note ever since.  Of course soaring is always a bit easier in 6 inch heels with a 1 inch platform, which happens to be the signature height for the brand, along with modern silhouettes and plenty of leopard prints.

Charlotte Olympia quickly made a niche, with celebrities snatching up designs faster than they could be produced, and with collections like we’ve seen, it is no wonder.

Sarah Jessica Parker/Photo: hot pepper shoes

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Portia Freeman/Photo: Walter Tippets

Charlotte Olympia/Photo: Walter Tippets

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Hilary Duff/Photo: silent speak

Jeffrey Campbell, A Man After My Own Heart

Jeffrey Campbell is a small family run footwear business 11 years in the making, and based in Los Angeles, California.  The company is run by Jeffrey, his wife, three children and brother.  The shoes offered up are fun, whimsical and sure to put a smile on your face… they are the most optimistic inducing shoes in my wardrobe.  The designs are creatively executed for the fashion forward and stylish, nothing at all conservative about the designs offered, in fact, many are more reminiscent of fine art as opposed to footwear.  Furthermore, they are moderately priced, ranging from $80 up to $300 and very well constructed.

Here is just a small sampling of the brand…

And a bit of resort…

The following are a few sites Jeffrey Campbell shoes are sold:                                                                                                                                               urbanoutfitters.com, shopbop.com, solestruck.com, polyvore.com, nordstrom.com

Chloe Jade Green Set To Debut Her Shoe Collection

Chloe Jade Green, 21 year old daughter of Topshop boss Sir Philip Green and self professed shoe-a-holic, is set to launch her own collection under the label CJG, the initials of her full name, on May 17.  The eight styles being introduced are the quintessential platform, and definitely not for the faint of heart, boasting obscene heights and green soles, obviously, as a play on her name.   Apparently, however,  “They’re comfortable, they’ve got a good platform” according to Chloe.

Whatever the case may be, the overall consensus is the same, the shoe collection will prove to be relevant to the hip and trendy, and are expected to sell very well.  For those who’d rather forego the high platform styles, CJG will be featuring flat styles in her next collection set to be unveiled for Fall/Winter 2012.

Chloe Jade Green’s CJG collection will be available at: topshop.com & CJG.com

Photos courtesy of Telegraph

Rodarte Does It So Well

I would not be at all upset if this exquisitely crafted, futuristic Rodarte shoe, and it’s mate of course, found a way to my doorstep, the personalized note attached would read: special delivery just because...I suppose I’m stating the obvious right?  Clearly, I believe in dreaming big.  What I really appreciate about this shoe, is the fact it is so wearable with the platform, which makes all the difference in terms of comfort.  After all, if you’re going to spend a small fortune on shoes, comfort should be a given.  The whole idea of being a “slave to fashion” is so passe.  In addition, this beauty would go with just about everything, it’s the new nude!