Retinol Reform By Shani Darden

Just when I think I’ve discovered the best skin care regimen offered on this planet for my skin, someone shoves the ‘latest greatest’ into my hand, imploring me to “Just try it.”  Retinol Reform is the product of the moment for me.  So you’re wondering “What makes this product so great?”  For starters, it contains 5% pure retinol, it works gradually which prevents the skin from flaking, the depth of lines & wrinkles soften substantially, anyone is able to use it from acne prone skin to sun damaged skin and it can be used under the eyes.  You can also expect to see reduced pore size, smoother texture,  hyperpigmentation/dark spots lightened and firmer skin.

 When I met Shani, the first thing I noticed was a fresh, glowing skin.  I thought “I want whatever she’s using!”  I was thrilled to receive my very own bottle.  Not only does Shani’s skin look incredible, however, she has an A list celebrity list of clients with amazing skin!  Even guys like it and at $95 most of us are able to fit it into the budget.


An Amazing New Skincare Product…Tune In Tomorrow For The Lowdown

Tomorrow’s feature will be on one of the most effective, amazing beauty products I’ve used, just launched here in Los Angeles by A list esthetician, Shani Darden.  If you’d like smoother, brighter, retextured skin, don’t miss it!  This product is super advanced, and even the fellas like it;)).

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What’s In My Make-Up Bag You Ask?

One of the top questions I receive from readers is, “What’s in your make-up bag?”  I finally dumped it, pulled out my Canon and now present it to you, in all it’s glory…


I’ll start with the round containers on the left…these are RMS products, one of my favourite lines because it is completely organic and made up of the best oils attainable.

1.)  The Living Luminizer in the light shade on the far left is my highlighter, I use it on the orbital bone for the perfect lifting effect

2.)  Seduce, the bronze shade underneath the LL is my shadow…goes on sheer, stays all day, blends beautifully

3.)  Sacred, the red pop of colour, is my blush shade…super sheer on the skin, can also be used on lips

4.)  Simply Vanilla above my blush is one of the best lip balms I’ve ever used, it can also be used to moisturize the skin

5.)  Last of all for my RMS collection is my concealer in “un”cover 44, which I use midday to touch up, it doesn’t cake or crease…brightens the eye area, and can be used as foundation

The grey tube is my Colour FX concealer, it’s chock-full of great ingredients, which hydrate & treat the eye area while concealing…

The clear wand is a great eye gloss by Rouge Bunny Rouge called Smithereens of the Star…it creates a beautiful sheen on the lid, and stays all day

My Perfekt Skin Perfection Gelin the blue tube, is my everyday go-to…it’s actually more of a treatment product.  It contains Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Vitamin A & E, as well as skin softening agents…it’s super light and looks like nothing on the face.  It improves the overall tone of the skin and hydrates.  It’s also non-transferable and you even have the green light to sleep in it!

In the white tube with the green top is my favourite mascara ever!  Lash Perfection Gel in Flash (Black), has ingredients which promote longer, healthier lashes…I’m amazed at the results I’ve seen in only a few months

Although I don’t often wear lipstick, I usually have an evening option in my bag, just in case I feel the urge to step it up a notch…which is rare.  Uslu Airlines Lipstick in Caracas is a beautiful, rich burgundy, it looks great on just about every skin tone, stays and is exceptionally creamy and rich

Next, in the silver packaging, is my Sumita Brow Filler by Ziba…it’s water-resistant, completely natural looking, and easy to apply…I stock up on them when they go on sale;)

For lips, I prefer gloss, I occasionally use MAC’s Chestnut lip pencil after applying Revlon ColourBurst Lip Balm Stain in Honey as my base, then Rouge Bunny Rouge 80 gloss over the stain

If I decide against gloss for the day, Rodin Lip Balm is great for keeping my lips conditioned & gives a touch of colour, however, as much as I love it, on the down-side, the packaging doesn’t hold up very well in my experience, and for the price it definitely should

Finally, my Trish McEvoy travel brush goes everywhere with me…great for powder, bronzer, blending, etc.  I’ve had this brush for over 10 years and it still looks like new…not even sure if it’s still being made

Whew!…so, there you have it…you asked, I answered…now you know what’s in my make-up bag…