Stylista Muse Of The Day

I can appreciate a tied shirt every now and then, although sometimes the look feels too grungy..natasha-n.nocrop.w431.h670There is nothing grungy about Natasha N.; shot in London for Bisous Natasha via Lookbook.  She is a great example of a tied shirt done well and with sophistication.

Stylista Muse: Chic & Cozy In The California Chill

How annoying is it to listen to a Southern Californian complain about cold weather?  I’ve made the mistake of commenting a few times, rather innocently about the cold on occasion, and each time I would no longer be among the living if looks could kill.  Of course, it would be in the company of someone from the East Coast or Mid-West.  These days I’m sure not to come across as complaining, however, as one who happily embraces it. Although the weather has been inclement, we handle it with thin layers, keeping it chic and cozy.  We never know if temps will soar by midday, this way we’re able to remove pieces if necessary, while maintaining a relevant, modern look.

Natasha is rocking one of my favourite looks.  There’s no bulk, the lines are clean and black and white are timeless together.  Each of these pieces came from Natasha’s personal wardrobe.  This double breasted 3/4 length thin wool coat over a flecked grey sweater paired with skinny, white denim and the perfect stacked heel sandal, garner little Ms. Natasha, Stylista Muse…the top bun is such the icing on this look.

Stylista Muse, Leila Kashanipour

296401As much as I adore fashion, summertime is not my favourite season for it, most keep it super simple in 100 degree weather.  If you’ve seen one tee with cutoff denim shorts and Frye boots, you’ve seen them all.  A style I have grown a bit attached to is the “boyfriend” jean, in fact, they’ve become a staple for me.  They’re comfortable, stylish and can be dressed up or down.

Because I work in an environment which promotes “fashion freedom,” this look has become my go-to and I prefer to always dress them up, otherwise, they can look a bit tomboyish.  This week’s Stylista Muse, Leila Kashanipour, is on point with her Balmain jacket and Chanel handbag mixed with moderately priced items.  The end result?  Comfort with a reflection of her innate style.

Photo courtesy of Stockholm Streetstyle

Fall Snapshot & Today’s Stylista Muse

It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall, after a long run of unseasonably hot, humid, triple digit temperatures. The hues, fabrics and layering that mark the beginning of the season are so appealing. On a recent trip to Anthropologie, I found several versatile pieces I’m sure to get plenty of wear. I’ll share them with you over the next few days, starting with this striped & lace pullover.

Top: Deleeta lace & lines pullover in the grey motif from Anthropologie/ Classic with a fitting twist of rust lace. I like the fact it can be dressed up as seen or down with boyfriend jeans and flats. It is also available in a blue motif.

Slacks: Zara Woman/ I purchased these slacks either last season or the one before, they are crafted impeccably and I have definitely gotten my money’s worth, the cut and colour are timeless/ Shoes: vintage mary janes

And for today’s Stylista Muse pick…

Elisha Suarez has such a quirky style sensibility, it is quite the accurate representation of her personality, and what I absolutely adore is her ability to have fun with fashion…the quintessential muse

The top and skirt are both from her vintage collection

Stylista Muse

Photo: Stockholm Street Style

Lately I’ve been drawn to dresses and skirts, I simply cannot go into a clothing store as of late and neglect either.  It seems my style evolves every few years, and with each evolution I feel more comfortable with the skin I’m in, as well as the clothing  I layer on top of it.  This lovely little dress has the perfect feminine silhouette, and the detail is simply divine.  The delicate, simple accessories create just the right amount of balance… way to go Tamra, Stylista Muse of the day!

Stylista Muse Bonus Edition

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

This look of the feminine chic meets grunge is one I’ve been loving for some time.  I would rock every piece from head to toe, without any qualms, well maybe one… a few inches added to the dress please.  I’m no “fuddy duddy,” however, the thought of possibly “flashing” someone in the event I should have to bend over for any reason, is not one I relish…

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Bonus!  I know this segment is called “Stylista Muse,” and I don’t know many men who would appreciate this moniker, so for our bonus Stylista…I mean Stylisto Muse, Julian gets my vote.  I love everything about this ensemble and if I were a fella, I’d be donning it… actually, since I’m not a fella,  I could probably feminize it with a great Louboutin pump and a few layered girly accessories.  Whatever the case may be, it’s not about me at the moment, Julian makes the debut as my first Stylisto in the history of Musings of a Stylista…I’m inspired, and on the prowl for the next.

Stylista Muse-Special Edition

One of my personal favourite segments on Musings Of A Stylista are the Stylista Muse posts. I have such an appreciation for women who make fashion choices based on individual tastes, preferences and personality, versus wearing trends simply because the fashion industry dictates whether it’s “in” or “out.” As much as I love fashion, it is not at all difficult to allow it to become an obsession, coveting every new trend on the horizon. After many years I finally wised up, and kudos to those Stylistas who’ve mastered the art of making fashion their own.

Deanna Lawson is wearing a vintage dress with boutique shoes, and this is further confirmation of my adoration for vintage shopping. This dress looks modern, feminine and effortless with the integration of Deanna’s choice of accessories.

Tanya Diallo wears this tribal print maxi dress very well. The pattern is great with the perfect balance of colour, definitely the ideal dress for a walk along the beach, vibrant city streets or a great summertime al fresco dinner… this dress is so versatile, and apropos for many occasions.

Quiana Grant is wearing a Rag & Bone blazer, top and skirt, the mix of edgy and soft is so appealing to the eye. The pop of colour creates such a seamless look, and these pieces are also great apart from one another as well, which allows Quiana to pair them with other pieces to achieve a completely different look and style.

Nadine Hounkpatin is wearing a vintage mix from Paris, and the flow is like the perfect melody of your favourite song. From Hounkpatin’s hairstyle to her feet, this is such a great illustration of the marriage (albeit polygamous) between relevant pieces to create a fabulous outcome. White shoes are an absolute ‘no-no’ for me, however, this put-together stylista proves they can be done quite well.

I am not one to mix more than three colours at a time, however Ms. Enyinne Owunwanne has helped to change my perspective. I see more than four different colours here and wouldn’t change a thing about how she pieced each together. The jacket is Hayden Harnet, the blouse Heritage 1960 (for which Ms. Owunwanne is the founder), and the shoes are Calvin Klein. The frames, hairstyle, scarf and handbag add so much flavour to this look, Enyinne owns this style.

Courtesy: Essence/Photos: Hannan Saleh

Stylista Muse-Special Edition

On the heels of my recent job with Kristin Adams on Catalina Island, it became evident she’d make a great ‘Stylista Muse,’ which spawned this special edition with a bit of a twist. Kristin gave me full rein of her closet and left the styling solely to me. I pieced together a couple of fresh, simple summer looks with accessories, and the results were quite apropos with summer at our doorsteps. It turns out Kristin’s wardrobe expanded that day, as she hadn’t thought of these summer ready combinations…I’d say that’s a win-win scenario. Without further ado, here are the two looks, which will take Kristin from daytime to dinner by candlelight with hubby.

White may be cliche for summer, nevertheless, summer wouldn’t be the same without it. In this first look I coupled this light, cotton tee with embellishments, with these figure flattering , white bootleg jeans.

This ivory and gold bracelet, helped to keep this look streamlined, and is the perfect summer accessory. The ring pictured with it, happens to flow well, and is a very special heirloom piece gifted to Kristin by her lovely mom on the big day she tied the knot.

This slate blue weaved platform completes the look perfectly in it’s simplicity while adding balance. The photo does the colour no justice, as they look black, however, the shade is so unique and flattering in person.

Now to prepare for that romantic dinner, by adding a soft summer blazer with a pop of colour, in preparation for a cool, summer night here in Los Angeles.Since we’ve stepped it up a notch with these dangle earrings, pulling back the hair in this simple ponytail showcases them, while taking this look more toward the romantic and feminine.

An effortless, summer daytime look has been transformed ever so slightly with just a few additions.

Kristin Adams has hosted a variety of shows on USA Network, AT&T U-Verse, G4 and the list goes on, to see a sampling of her work, check it out here. Coming soon, I will be engaging in a one-on-one with Kristin about her favourite fashion and beauty must-haves, career, family and more, so stay tuned.

Embellished white cotton tee: J. Crew/ Jeans: Joe’s/ Blazer: Zara/ Shoes: Maypol/ Earrings: Banana Republic/Bracelet: Soto

Photography: Donyale Anise

Stylista Muse

Daiane Conterato, a native of Brazil, is no stranger to bold colour.  This ensemble is perfect for the typical summer day.  The green wide-leg trouser offers a great pop of colour and the ideal combination with a loose fitting blouse.  The statement necklace and platform sandal complete this look beautifully.

Photo: Craig Arend

Stylista Muse

This lovely aspiring actress, Dawn Glover, was an extra for a shoot I recently worked. It was a pretty hot afternoon, yet how apropos her choice of this turquoise summer dress, so light and feminine. The back detail, which I neglected to photograph, adds a great colour blocked touch in white. The choice of the red earrings and belt tied this look together nicely, and the pixie cut is such a flattering cut for Dawn’s face shape. Living in Los Angeles is so inspiring, today’s Stylista Muse could very well be tomorrow’s Oscar recipient.