I’m Back!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHoly Toledo!… if I have ANY followers at this point, it would be nothing short of a miracle.  Okay, so here’s my story, about three months ago, I went from freelancing to acquiring a job where I inherited a laundry list of responsibilities and a plethora of personalities, while working full-time.  Although I feel crazy blessed to have such a great gig in the beauty/fashion industry, I was befuddled at the onset, by how people actually work full-time and manage a household or other responsibilities apart from work?!!?!

For the most part, I was only able to muster up enough energy to climb the stairs toward my bedroom, and escape to fourth stage REM in record time after a long work day.  I cannot aptly articulate from my fingers to the keys on my MacBook Pro, the respect I’ve gained for all the parents who go from one full-time job to another called “parenting,” however, suffice it to state, you ALL deserve an award of some sort where all of America…no, the entire world, would witness you being honoured!

Seriously, after two weeks in, I must’ve questioned over a dozen people on how this whole “work full-time thing” works… I received many quizzical looks with comments about some craziness about it not being a new phenomenon!  NOT A NEW PHENOMENON?!!  Humph, smart alecs…sleep deprivation, achy feet, dry mouth and a brain that wouldn’t shut down?  For me, this was most definitely a new phenomenon.

Anyway, I soon came to my senses, chuckled at my utter ridiculousness…(“Donyale sweetie, brace yourself, people have been working full-time jobs since the beginning of time, get over yourself…) and took a long breathe.  I waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as I simultaneously prepared for the welcome of another new year, the official mark of holidays passed and new beginnings.

I’m excited to now rev up for my brand new season of blogging;).

I plan to make it worth your time…thanx for your patience, and cheers to a blessed, joy-filled and happy New Year!!!


The Next Musing Of A Stylista Giveaway

Hello All, I truly appreciate all the new followers!  It seems many of you may have followed possibly thinking you would automatically be entered into the giveaway, however, there were a few other criteria you may have missed.  Given my presumption is correct, I feel it is only fair to do another giveaway.  The next one will be makeup related, and I’m stepping it up a few notches, it will be announced in the beginning of November.

Also, I typically blog several times per week, however, with a new job, it has been fairly challenging to continue with this schedule.  Nevertheless, I am gearing up to get back into the swing of things.  There are so many amazing Fall essentials to share…I’m so excited about many of the trends I’ve seen, more on this a bit later…xoxo

Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all of you who entered my giveaway, although I received many followers, the majority of you did not follow the instructions in there entirety.  There will be many more giveaways so stay tuned, the next will be in November.


Congratulations to:

Pamela McNeff, Essential Jewels & Happy Grapes!

Summer Holiday

There are few things more gratifying than enjoying summer with family on a much needed vacation. I’ve been pleasantly surprised while visiting an area of the States I never thought I’d appreciate so much… Memphis, Tennessee.  I’ve been deeply inspired, shared much laughter, learned so much about my culture and I’ve still 5 days to go! Stay tuned for more on my summer holiday when my journey ends, including a very delayed giveaway (smile)…

Ciao for now,

Good Times At Tuscali

Good Times At Tuscali

This past weekend was a very full and eventful one for me, however, the highlight was a dinner party I attended. There is something for everyone here in Southern California, everything from fast-paced city living to the quaint and serene. … Continue reading

Homage To My Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

As I thought about what I’d give my dad for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 18, I continued to draw a blank… one of my best friend’s inspired me to pay homage to my dad via written words, after I read the heartfelt poem she wrote to her father. Take a moment to let your dad, uncle, grandfather or whomever played an integral part in your upbringing know how much he is loved. This is a bit of a deviation from my typical blogging, however, I’ll be back in full swing this Saturday. As for now, here’s to you dad…

My Dear Dad

There are so many special words left unspoken as we go about our lives. Words our parents should hear as time goes by. Dad, I want you to know how special and loved you truly are, even though the distance between us seems so far.
Although we don’t talk every day, I hold you in my heart. The lessons learned so long ago will never depart. You taught me what it means to be a woman of integrity, you taught me how it isn’t necessary to sweat the little things.
When we were growing up, you made sure we had the very best; we always thought we were rich, as we never endured one test. Living in the ‘lap of luxury’ in our home in the ‘burbs, never knowing any problems existed as the world turned.
You always made me laugh and that continues to this day, your sense of humour is so refreshing to me, in every way. I often find myself reflecting on the good old days, sometimes wishing they hadn’t gone away…I know this is impossible, but dreaming is okay.
I love you more than words can express, you were always the coolest dad. You introduced me to the best ‘food for the soul’, as your stereo emitted the chords. Now as time seems to quickly progress, the memories seem all the more precious, I feel like I can connect the dots, to see God’s bigger purpose.
He knew what He was doing when He ordained you to be my dad, and I wouldn’t trade you in for the most valuable riches on this planet.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Love Always, Donyale Anise Stokes June 2012

What are some of your fondest memories of your dear dad?

Just Another Day At Work On The Lovely Catalina Island

Just Another Day At Work On The Lovely Catalina Island

I’ve been quite the inconsistent blogger over the course of the last week, work is the reason, so I thought it’s be fun to take you along. Catalina Island was the destination for the most recent shoot, and despite the … Continue reading

Deeply Grateful For Your Support

Deeply Grateful For Your Support

I am so very grateful for all the support, love and encouragement I’ve received since launching this blog just a little over one month ago. I decided I’d do a giveaway once I reached 50 followers, however, I was pleasantly … Continue reading

Chronicles Of A Stylista

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, although not official until June 21, and is used as an occasion to fellowship with friends and family at poolside parties and cookouts. Most important, it is the day set aside to honour those who fought for many of the freedoms we have in this country. My weekend was low key, yet productive, it all began with organizing the closet of a friend of mine.

After spending a few hours purging the closet, we were left with an ample pile of things to go to the Los Angeles Mission, where men and women are in need of clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc. as they prepare to reenter the work force after recovering from drug and alcohol addictions…one of my favourite causes.

I utilized this spacious, distressed bureau to open up more space in the closet. When space is limited, it is sometimes necessary to get creative.

After spending hours cleansing and purging, I was utterly famished. We decided to order Thai food from Pink Elephant in Canoga Park, which was delicious, I had the Pad Thai Tofu…

and what’s Thai food without vegetable rolls?

As my friend dipped her vegetable roll, I couldn’t help but notice her vibrant coral-red nail polish. She raved about the brand Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

As you can see, there is a colour here for everyone, from the daring to the subtle. The colour on my friend is the first one pictured, Sonic Bloom, while I decided to try the second one from the last, Petal Pusher. Now 3 days later, the colour continues to look freshly done, I’m sold on it and look forward to trying some of the other shades. At less than $5 per bottle, it seems an entire nail wardrobe may be in order. By the way, the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat is the perfect finishing touch.

So after a productive day of closet purging and organizing, great Thai food and an introduction to great new nail products, I thought it’d be ideal to wrap up the Memorial Day weekend with an intimate get-together. I decided to make a pie for my guests, and this was no small feat, as I am not so proficient in the kitchen… nevertheless, I jumped right in…

and voila! The finished product, the Anne’s Delight (named after my friend’s mom and creator).

Pure, yummy goodness…

So Grateful For The Kreativ Blogger Nomination!

Hurray, I’ve been nominated for my second award, the first was for Versatile Blogger and now Kreativ Blogger!

I’d like to thank Modgam, whose blog I enjoy immensely, very much for the nomination, although all I want to do after reading it is shop for the unique pieces she posts. Check out her site, it will definitely make you smile;)

In order to officially accept this Kreativ Blogger award, the 4 requirements are the following:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated me
  2. Answer the 7 questions
  3. Share 7 random facts/thoughts about myself
  4. Nominate 7 worthy blogs for the Kreative Blogger Award

Here are the 7 questions:

1. What’s your favorite song? I have many favourites, at the moment ‘old school’ Michael Jackson is in heavy rotation. Forever Came A Day, by Jackson 5, has been playing quite a bit on my iPod

2. What’s your favorite dessert? Red velvet cupcakes from Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock… crazy, yummy goodness!

3. What do you do when you are upset? I usually get very quiet to avoid saying something I may regret, and once I’m ready to talk, I have a few in my close circle happy to listen… I don’t allow things to fester, the toxins emanated into the body are brutal!

4. Which is your favorite pet? Cats, dogs, horses, pigs, chickens… you name it, I love them all! I grew up with dogs, and presently have two adorable cats who think they are humans, Miles- 7 & Hannah- 5. I actually met someone who owns a pet pig, which is very similar to a dog, so affectionate and friendly… my point? Think twice the next time you eat porky and someday you may learn about a new addition to my entourage of pets, lol

5. Which do you prefer Black or White? This one is tough, I appreciate both… white makes me feel super chic, while black makes me feel New York cool

6. What is your biggest fear? I am fearless, not even 10% of what people fear ever comes to pass

7. What is your attitude mostly? By and large I am very peaceful, positive and laid back… I’m so blessed it would be a shame to be otherwise;)

Seven Random Facts/Thoughts About Myself:

1. I am privileged to serve & sing on the praise and worship team at, In His Presence, the most incredible church in Southern California

2. I have been a vegetarian for years, however, I don’t proselytize about it… some vegetarians are horrid meal time companions, not me

3. I love water! It is seriously my favourite beverage, I can drink it all day long

4. Photography makes me smile

5. I often day dream

6. I find the differences between men and women fascinating & beautiful

7. I have learned the most valuable knowledge from those I least expect

The Following Blogs Are My Nominees:

1. Bei Love Bei

2. Below Zero Degrees

3. Fashion In The Sticks

4. Into Mind

5. Leica Liker

6. My Life In Photos

7. Unda Design

Check out the above sites, they really are inspiring!