It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Summer

Today is the first truly warm, bordering on hot,  day in Southern California, and I love everything about it!  As much as I love layering and the cool, brisk days of winter here in Cali, I’m ready for the beach, barbecues (veggie burgers and seitan please) and getting the sun kissed glow from being in the elements a bit too long most likely. Because I needed to look somewhat put together today with meetings on the books, I’d have hours to myself afterwards, therefore, I chose a lightweight, simple ensemble.

This is my first time wearing this very comfy, sheer Nesh top and lightweight Anine Bing jeans. I went with my most comfortable Ash wedge shoes and minimal accessories. I don’t always hit the mark, however, I think I did good today;)…

only quandary ahead of me?  How to keep the white spot-free…ah well, an ongoing dilemma;))

Musings Of A Stylista Giveaway!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of those who have followed and supported my blog over the past few months.  I had been thinking once I reached 50 followers I’d do a giveaway… Thanks to you, I am well over 300 and counting!

The following are the criteria for entering the giveaway:

1.) Subscribe to Musings Of A Stylista by entering your email address and clicking on “follow”

2.) Leave a comment letting me know which prize you’d like: 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices please

3.) Leave your email address along with your comment so I am able to contact you

  • The deadline to enter is Sunday, September 23 2012 at midnight, any entries received after this time will not be accepted
  • 3 winners will be randomly selected via, announced on my blog and contacted by Monday, September 24, 2012

Without further ado, here are the prizes I’m offering as a token of my appreciation:

Versatile braided pewter necklace, which can be dressed up or down…

Stylish double bracelet in a vegan-friendly material with just a touch of bling…

And last, but not least, this Deborah Lippman nail polish in Fashion, a neutral tone wearable for most skin tones.  In addition, enjoy this cute little travel manicure kit which contains: tweezers, scissors, nail clippers and nail file.

Thanx again everyone!

Classic Specs, Serving Up Panache, With Stylish Frames

Remember the old cliche? “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses,” or how frames meant acquiring the unwanted moniker of ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’?  Clearly, this is no longer the case, apparently it is cool to be a nerd these days, hence the new hip label, ‘Geek Chic.’  Glasses have become quite the fashion accessory, and there are sites sprouting up by the day, offering them at the most reasonable prices ever imagined.  Although, I’ve ordered from many of these sites, my personal favourite is Classic Specs with a showroom based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The website is easy to maneuver through, the frames are durable (handmade using premium acetate and reinforced hinges) and the customer service is excellent.  Many wonder “How can frames be ordered online?  I’d have to try them on to know whether I like them.”  Classic Specs factored this in and makes it super simple, upload a photo and use the virtual try-on feature to see how your frame choice(s) will look, this has been fool-proof for me, as the frames look very similar in person.  Next, when you fall in love with the ideal frame, fax your prescription over or request to have someone from the Classic Specs team call your optometrist for it.

The frames are $89 for everything, which includes polycarbonate prescription lenses (high index lenses are an additional $20 per pair), anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings and free shipping both ways in the event they don’t work out as planned.  They also cover any adjustments your new frames may require, and if there is a charge, they will gladly reimburse you.  If this isn’t enough, each frame comes with a one year warranty from defects, and if they are accidentally broken, just send them back and receive a fresh pair for $25.

I’m on my second pair, added to the many overpriced styles I acquired long before discovering Classic Specs, and eagerly awaiting new styles so I can continue to build my collection.  Another amazing perk is they gladly replace the lenses in your old frames, with each new pair ordered from them, for a mere $47.  I jumped on this, and so happy I did, a couple pairs of my old frames are like new again.

Lastly, but certainly not least, 6% of the proceeds for every frame purchased from Classic Specs is donated to New Eyes For The Needy, a brilliant program which assists children, the working poor and the elderly within the United States.  This is surely my favourite part of all, with clear vision, children are able to effectively learn in school, adults are able to embark on employment opportunities and the elderly are able to coexist safely.  Please check out the New Eyes For The Needy site, there is so much great information you may want to pass on to someone in need.

When I first discovered Classic Specs a little less than one year ago in a Vogue article, this all seemed way too good to be true, now I know better, I just wished I’d discovered them sooner.

To browse the many different frames styles, visit Classic Specs on the web or in person, at 85 North 3rd Street Suite 112 Brooklyn, New York 11249

Photos Courtesy of Classic Specs

Temperley London Fall 2012

Temperley London showed a lovely, feminine and wearable collection for Fall 2012.  The use of colour added just the right amount of “pop,” while the floral prints were done very well.  There is nothing “adolescent” about the florals we saw prancing down the runway, in fact, they were done with great taste and sophistication.  The use of accessories added, completed the looks beautifully.  I could have done, however, without the large fur hats topping the heads of many of the models.  These looks are not shown, as I do not support the use of fur for vanity sake, torturing animals for this reason is simply cruel.  Furthermore, there is such an abundance of  beautiful textiles, trim, beading, etc. to choose from when designing a collection, it seems futile to choose a living, breathing creature which experiences a great deal of pain each time the choice is made for their precious fur.

I’ll get off my soapbox now… what can I say?  I’m quite passionate about my convictions, and now I present to you a few pieces from the Temperley London Fall 2012 Collection