One-On-One With B. Luu Owner, Bachmai Luu

After my recent shoot at B.Luu clothing boutique, I sat down with owner, Bachmai Luu to talk fashion.  If you missed the shoot coverage, and would like to see what the day held, click here.

Musings of a Stylista:  When did you realize your appreciation for fashion?

Bachmai Luu:  Growing up as a tomboy, I probably didn’t discover fashion until my junior or senior year in high school, and even now having a store, I still prefer to be in jeans and a tee shirt.

Musings of a Stylista:  When did you decide to begin a career in fashion?

Bachmai Luu:  After receiving my MBA from Pepperdine in 2000, I realized I wanted to work for myself and not be in corporate America any longer.  I then made a decision to go for it without any fear of failure.

Musings of a Stylista:  Clearly, seems like one of the best decisions you could have made.  How long has B.Luu been in operation?

Bachmai Luu:  Since September of 2001

Musings of a Stylista:  Entering into the world of fashion at such a young age did you have a personal fashion aesthetic?

Bachmai Luu:  Yes, I’ve always been pretty conservative and tend to stick with neutral colours more, but I don’t mind wearing colours and prints as long as it’s not too much.  A simple dress in the summer with my Balenciaga bag and Louboutin wedge will do well for me.  I don’t accessorize much although I love to see it on others.  Winter for me would be skinny jeans, YSL boots and a cute long sleeve top with a scarf and classy leather jacket.  So I would say simple with a twist.

Musings of a Stylista:  Who inspires you?

Bachmai Luu:  My family, friends and clients all have played a role in inspiring me and allowing me to get to where I am today.

Musings of a Stylista:  How do you maintain inspiration and excitement for your career?

Bachmai Luu:  Being in tune and in touch with what’s out there in the fashion world, and always thinking outside the box with what I can do for my business, and how to be different.

Musings of a Stylista:  What is your favourite season for fashion and why?

Bachmai Luu:  I am a summer girl, but for fashion, I love fall.  I love all the jackets, coats, chunky knits, scarves and boots.  To me, you can do so much more for fall because you can layer and be more creative to keep warm.

Musings of a Stylista:  What are your top staple picks for every girl’s closet?

Bachmai Luu:  Denim, denim, denim!  White tees and tanks, a few blazers, some cocktail dresses and a few casual dresses.  A black and nude pump, and of course flip flops.

Musings of a Stylista:  What are some summer must-haves?

Bachmai Luu:  Colour denim, maxi dresses and a great cropped denim jacket.

Musings of a Stylista:  Any advice for aspiring boutique owners?

Bachmai Luu:  Don’t go into business being in too much debt… my motto is ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.’

B.Luu Boutique, A Stylista’s Haven

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Bachmai Luu, owner of B.Luu located at 340 E. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California.  When I initially met Bachmai a couple of years ago, aside from her warm demeanor, I took notice of her amazing footwear.  Each encounter was like a never ending fashion show, finally, upon engaging in conversation, she shared with me how she owns a boutique, which was no surprise given her fashion savvy.  The timing of our conversation was perfect, the 8th anniversary of B.Luu was approaching, and Bachmai was kind enough to extend an invite to me.  Upon crossing the threshold of her boutique, I was immediately impressed, her boutique was as stunning then as it is now, as she celebrates her 10th anniversary.

Just as Bachmai invited me to experience a bit of luxury a little more than 2 years ago, I’d like to invite you to experience one of the most fashion forward, relevant boutiques in Southern California.  I had an amazing time shooting our lovely model in an array of pieces perfect for any stylista’s wardrobe.  For my one-on-one with Bachmai, click here.

The layout of B.Luu is so appealing, at every turn there is beauty to behold in jewelry, denim, feminine dresses and handbags, from the dainty to the bold.  We started off the shoot with a pop of colour and mix of modern grunge meets feminine.

Bella Dahl Blouse $110/AG Piper Cropped Denim $230/Brown Hat $32/Necklace with Purple Detail $148/Sierra Tribal Wallet $68/Brown Leather Bracelet $42/(model’s personal sandals)

Fluxus Black Maxi Dress $148/Buckle Hat $30/Aman Moon Necklace $88/Clutch (iPad Holder) $68/Minka Cuff $88/Black Braided Bracelet $42

Wild Fox Chain Tee $72/AG Ankle Legging (Orange) $170/Leopard Print Scarf $28/Black Braided Bracelet $42/(model’s personal watch & boots)

Kerisma Cardigan $122/Alice & Olivia Cady Shorts $168/Silk Chiffon Wrap (headband) $58/14kt Gold Filled Layered Necklace $220/(model’s personal sandal)

Alice & Olivia Dress $368/Cream Snap Belt $18/Rio Shoulder Bag $110/Silk Chiffon Wrap (bracelet-can also be worn as necklace)/model’s personal shoes

Tart Maxi Dress $188/Aman Moon Necklace $88

No. 10 Corso Colombo Dress $158/Aman moon necklace $88/(model’s personal sandals)

Photography: Donyale Anise for Musings of a Stylista/Model: Nikki Mata/ Stylist: Donyale Anise & Nikki Mata