Keeping The Closet Creative

As many of you know I recently moved. Translation?  My desire to shop for clothing has to go on the back-burner for now as I furnish my new space.  I’m loving seeing it all come together, however, I do miss my weekly treats to myself in the form of a brand new garment.  I’ve decided to challenge myself to shop vintage until I’ve reached my goal of a fully furnished home to my liking.  Moreover, I feel I’ll be doing my part to be kinder to the planet by doing so.  I planned a jaunt recently, and look what I found…I quite like this little denim dress find…I coupled it with my Brixton hat, current accessories and a great sandal.  It was under $10, $15 with dry-cleaning, and it received many thumbs up.  I can do this!

A Modern Twist On An Old Classic

This look is one of my favourites…it’s such a modern twist on a classic, and perfect for summer to achieve a casual, yet pulled together feel. Courtney is wearing a #Brixton hat, Bread & Boxer tee, Louis Vuitton belt, Scotch& Soda/Ralston fit jeans and #Nixon watch. 

Brixton For Any Occasion

Bad hair day, good hair day…feeling chic? Festive?  Sophisticated? Brixton has the hat for you. I’ve worked up a collection I keep in consistent  rotation.  A great Brixton can take an outfit from mundane to maaah-va-lous dahling.  

  I quite like my latest acquisition. Check out the entire collection, choose one or many and rock it/them out!

Transitioning Into Fall

Going from summer into fall is one of my favorite times of year.  I love watching the leaves as they change to vibrant hues, the crispness of the air, and of course, the rich textiles and tones fashion designers incorporate on the runway.  However, before getting into full-fledged fall attire, there is a transitional period.  The weather could go from breezy to heat wave in the same day…a  girl’s got to be prepared.

As I mentioned in a previous post, leggings have become a staple, and they are a great go-to transitional piece because it is so easy to layer with them.


Natasha is wearing a Nesh 4.12 mesh hem drape tank with VPL Patella leggings in long black and a Brixton hat.  In the event the temperature dips, a great cardigan over this look is a simple addition which also keeps the look current.  Conversely, if the temperature rises, nix the hat and switch out the booties with a great sandal.



This beautiful Paris fold over clutch by Elizabeth Weinstock completes the look beautifully.

With this next look, we’re stepping it up a few notches.  It is edgy, yet super chic…these pieces are not only great for transitional weather, but also going from day to evening.


Natasha is wearing the Lora Executive bra by Out Incorporated with this beautiful Rabens Saloner Loresa serpent mix leather jacket over it.  We chose to mix this combo with the Loulie Rabens Saloner colour bleed pant.


Adding this lovely silver Tokyo Cross Body clutch by Elizabeth Weinstock adds just the right amount of bling.


Typically, snake-on-snake would not be ideal from my perspective, however, it seems to work with this look so we went for it.


Although subtle, there is actually a lot going on here, best to keep the hair simple and sleek…this classic pony-tail kept everything on point.

Each piece featured here is available at Ron Robinson at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, CA

Model- Natasha Behrens/ Photography- Donyale Anise/ Shoes & Accessories- Model’s Personal Collection