Mod Makeup, A Fresh Approach To A Timeless Classic

When it comes to makeup, my aesthetic has always been soft, fresh application whether for day or night.  When applied properly makeup should segue easily from brunch, to an upscale dinner party, if necessary.  One of my favourite makeup looks to attain this end, is mod.

Twiggy, the first supermodel to surface in the 60’s, pioneered mod makeup.  This look is the quintessential soft, fresh makeup look perfect for day into night, and application is super easy.  The main difference is in both the shadow and lip consistencies.  The shadow should be more of a shimmer versus a frost of the past, while the lips should be more of a soft, matte rather than the heavy chalky matte of the 60’s, resulting in more of a moist look.

To achieve a modern approach on this classic:

  • Start with Chanel’s d’eau fluid iridescent eyeshadow in cascade, which is a soft white or MAC’s prep & prime.  Although Chanel’s fluid iridescent is marketed as an eyeshadow, I prefer to use it as a shadow base.  It is waterproof, and will most certainly allow your shadow to stay put all day.  It is part of my personal makeup routine, and I wouldn’t be without it for long shoots or wedding makeup.  The liquid shadow has plenty of shimmer and sheen, which is a beautiful modern take on the frosts of the 60’s.  MAC’s prep & prime is an acceptable substitute, and also has great staying power.
  • Next, set the base  with a soft powder shadow in a subtle white shade.
  • Add, a black liquid liner, which will stay wet looking even once it’s dry, Smashbox and L’Oreal offer great options, and a great final touch is a white eyeliner on the inner rim of the bottom lash line to open the eyes.
  • Fill in the brows with a shade slightly darker than your natural brow colour for a defined look, and add lots of black mascara on the top, and a bit of the excess on the bottom.
  • Foundation should be slightly dewy or moist looking with a soft blush shade added on the apples of the cheeks and swept diagonally up toward the hairline.
  • Finally, finish with a soft matte lipcolour whether light or medium in colour.

There you have it, a fresh approach to a timeless classic.

The Classic Smoky Eye

As a makeup artist in the entertainment industry, many of my clients require their makeup to transition seamlessly from day to night.  A classic soft, smoky eye (seen above on Kate Mara) is my favourite look to achieve this.  It segues easily from day to night, and requires plenty of layering and blending.  The biggest faux pas women seem to make with a smoky eye, is applying the colour too heavy with little blending, and choosing shades far too dark for their complexion. This translates into a heavy and overpowering feel for everyday wear, and gives the illusion of a raccoon eye.  A smoky eye does not mean finding the blackest black shadow, but is more about choosing a shade which will be most complementary to your skin tone, and the choices are numerous.  Of course, it all boils down to preference, and is completely subjective.  My preference has always been a softer, smoky eye, as I feel it looks clean and polished.  In the coming weeks I will be showing step-by-step instructions on achieving this look, as well as many others.  In the meantime… easy does it.