Retinol Reform By Shani Darden

Just when I think I’ve discovered the best skin care regimen offered on this planet for my skin, someone shoves the ‘latest greatest’ into my hand, imploring me to “Just try it.”  Retinol Reform is the product of the moment for me.  So you’re wondering “What makes this product so great?”  For starters, it contains 5% pure retinol, it works gradually which prevents the skin from flaking, the depth of lines & wrinkles soften substantially, anyone is able to use it from acne prone skin to sun damaged skin and it can be used under the eyes.  You can also expect to see reduced pore size, smoother texture,  hyperpigmentation/dark spots lightened and firmer skin.

 When I met Shani, the first thing I noticed was a fresh, glowing skin.  I thought “I want whatever she’s using!”  I was thrilled to receive my very own bottle.  Not only does Shani’s skin look incredible, however, she has an A list celebrity list of clients with amazing skin!  Even guys like it and at $95 most of us are able to fit it into the budget.


My New Obsession Gloss Moderne

As many of you know, I am a vegetarian and contientious of products I use on my body and around the home.  I’m not super legalistic about this because of the simple fact I live in Los Angeles, a city so polluted I’m not certain breathing in the air is any worse. Furthermore, it isn’t my intent to become obsessive compulsive about such things.

Although, I am unable to control pollution, except by doing my part to be as ‘green’ as possible, I am able, however, to control what goes on and inside of my body.  My latest obsession is GLOSS Moderne, which is made up of a luxurious shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and mask with a beautiful coco de soleil scent. I use absolutely no chemicals of any kind in my hair, and as a result of the richness of the product, I am able to forego finishing products as well.  This is one of the greatest benefits of GLOSS Moderne I have personally experienced…I don’t need to use any additional products!  it leaves my hair shiny, bouncy, sleek and healthy looking.

GLOSS Moderne contains no parabens, sulfates, sodium or fillers, this means your 8 ounce shampoo and conditioner are the equivalent of 16 ounces…I love everything about it!

Stay tuned, body & home products could be forthcoming… shhhh, you didn’t learn this from me.


Zensation…The Newest At Home Sensation For Flawless Skin

I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to skincare gadgets and creams. After all, how effective can either truly be in making a marked difference? Well, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a few on the market lately in both categories. … Continue reading

Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream

I’ve been hearing what I thought were outrageous claims about Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream for years now.  I finally decided to add it to my routine, as I appreciate the efficacy of glycolic acid products, they are so amazing at exfoliating dead skin cells away.  I also learned how a doctor specializing in burn victims created this product to speed up the recovery process.

Well, the verdict is in, Revive is absolutely amazing!  In addition to the glycolic acid, it apparently contains a molecule that speeds up cell turnover.  Now, when I first heard this I thought it sounded a bit contrived, however, upon waking up in the morning, my skin looks rested, radiant and vibrant… I know, I know these words escaping from my keyboard to this post may come across as a bit lame, and as a skeptic myself, I completely understand any reservations.  Nevertheless the results are undeniable, this cream works.

Alas, such a bittersweet discovery… yes, it is crazy effective, however, these crazy effective results require continued use of the cream and at $175?!  Ugh, I just hope my shoe collection isn’t affected by this new found habit.