These Are A Few Of My Favourite Trends

The weather here in Southern California has been a bit inclimate, albeit, lovely just the same.  The fluctuations have certainly kept us on our toes, having to don jackets while enduring heat-waves, all in the matter of a week.  For some reason I am starting to feel like Spring is definitely on the verge of kicking in full swing.  For this Spring/Summer I challenged myself with including more brights in my wardrobe, since they were all over the runways for Fashion Week, however, this lasted all of two weeks.  I’m simply not one for bright colours, I prefer rich earth tones, which is the reason Fall is my favourite season for fashion.  Nevertheless, in lieu of bright colours, there are three trends I’ve incorporated into my wardrobe, and have been loving.


This colour has truly given my wardrobe a lift, and it isn’t terribly overpowering, but more of a jewel-toned splash of colour to create just the right amount of balance with all the neutrals I own.

Photos: (runway detail), (bag), (shoes)


I have had a great time mixing ethnic prints with others in my wardrobe, so reminiscent of my bohemian days, but done with much more sophistication and elegance.

Photos: (blouse), (bag), (shoe), (earrings)


I have never been one for florals, even as a little girl, they always seemed much too cutesy for my taste.  Well, plenty has changed, florals have evolved to a great place, where I am happy to don them every now and again.  The look is edgy and fierce yet feminine.  Accessorizing is key when it comes to florals, the fusion of leather, geek chic frames or bold jewelry,  for example, surely help to deliver plenty of swag.

Photos: (bag, earrings), (perfume), (shoes)