Cheers For Fall 2012

Oh how I’ve missed you Fall!  As one who adores Summer in the sun and on the beach, I am happy for Fall’s arrival.  Although we’ve seen many of these Fall trends before, (with just the right amount of tweaks for each go around), it’s no wonder since many of them wear so well.

Here are a few of my favourites:


When I first saw someone sporting a pair of wedge sneakers, I believe I laughed out loud just as I did with the stiletto sneaker. I’m still laughing out loud when I see the stiletto, however, the jokes on me with this updated wedge…yes, they have made there way to my wish list. Edgy, chic and with an urban twist, clearly sneakers aren’t what they used to be.


Who doesn’t adore cozy sweaters when the temperatures plummet?  This season you’ll see plenty in bulky, worn styles great for layering.


Tattered jeans are back, and this time the look is a mix of sheer sophistication on top with flats… oh yes, great flats are everywhere.  I am celebrating like it’s 1999 because I can never find flats that don’t look like something my 12 year old niece would wear… woo hoo!

Fall/Winter 2012/2013 is looking good ladies, I for one am so excited to get my shop on…

Smashbox Master Class Collection Fall 2012

Smashbox Cosmetics, created by Dean and Davis Factor, grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend, Max Factor, has come out with a brand new palette and shadow quads for fall.  The collection is very impressive at price points of $59 and $10 respectively; it was inspired by the favourites carried to set by Smashbox makeup artists.  You will most definitely be covered for every occasion with the great variety of colours included.  Furthermore, the shades are wearable for most, if not all, skin tones.

The Master Class 11 Meet The Masters Palette ($59) comes with:

  • 28 Photo Op Eyeshadows
  • 4 Brow Tech Powders
  • Brow Tech Wax
  • 8 Cream Eyeliners
  • 2 Blushes
  • 3 Soft Lights
  • 4 Lip Glosses

The Master Class Eyeshadow Quad ($10) is available in two combinations (hazel pictured):

  • Hazel- Pink Nude, Shimmering Slate, Matte Eggplant, Taupe
  • Brown- Ivory, Cabernet, Shimmering Sienna, Matte Navy

The price point for these palettes is an amazing value for quality products with exceptional wear and longevity.  They are available online or in-store at Sephora.

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2012/2013, Pure Decadence

So here we are in summer, which I couldn’t wait to arrive, and now I’m phening for fall/winter.  Many of the trends for summer (albeit lovely on those opting for them), simply do not fit my personal aesthetic.  I’m not into bright colours, or boots with shorts and dresses, however, I am smitten for luxury fabrics in jewel tones and rich, subdued colour…and I melt for the perfect platform pump.  This is probably the reason my heart rate increased dramatically upon seeing the Louis Vuitton Fall 2012 collection, leave it to Mr. Marc Jacobs to deliver an extravagant show, seasoned with just the right amount of pure flavour.  The man incorporated a train into a runway show… genius.  For all you stylista’s out there, the photos and footage to follow will be no surprise at all, however, for those of you who may not be in the know, I feel it is my civic duty to share a bit of fashion decadence with you…enjoy!

Photos courtesy of IMAX

Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection, Not For Me, But Inspired Just The Same

Marc Jacobs has always been one of my favourite designers, and not because his designs are so stunning, I drift off into a state of utter euphoria with each collection.  To the contrary, his silhouettes are not always the most flattering, however, I appreciate the fact he consistently thinks outside the box.  His aesthetic is whimsical and often unpredictable, most importantly it is his.  I feel inspired every season with Marc Jacobs’ collections, as I watch his designs parade down the runway.  As one who works in a creative industry, I understand the challenge of remaining inspired on a continual basis.  Without inspiration, the art begins to suffer.

Whether or not I find appeal in a particular collection, the fact Marc Jacobs seems to find ways of gleaning inspiration season after season, is impressive.  The Fall 2012 Marc Jacobs Collection is interesting indeed.  I didn’t find anything remotely attractive about many of the silhouettes.  In fact, most of them seemed to add 20 pounds to each model, which may be acceptable on a size zero frame, but obviously not the average consumer.  Of course, we must keep in mind, the runway is a stage where many a theatrical production is birthed.  The more I examine the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 Collection,  the more I realize how imperative it is to think outside the box, like the designer himself seems to do habitually.  Several of the pieces would be a welcome addition to the wardrobes of many apart, from one another.

Here are a few pieces from Marc Jacobs Fall 2012:

Fall 2012 Serves Up Plenty of Lovely

After many seasons of “much of the same,” fashion seems to be on quite the upswing.  The pops of colour we saw on the runways for Spring have resurfaced for Fall 2012.  There seems to be something for everyone this Fall, from the chic bohemian to the exquisitely feminine.

This Mimi Plange ruffled top and skirt is the epitome of feminine, to be princess for the day wouldn’t be at all difficult in this beautiful ensemble.                Photo Credit: Michael Rowe

Tadashi Shoji has such a beautiful aesthetic, his silhouettes are simple, yet striking with just the right amount of detail.  His pieces don’t require a great deal of accessorizing, and are ideal for the minimalist.  I appreciate the fact there seems to be an intricate story weaved through each of his garments.  To have such a strong sensibility toward the women for which he designs is quite impressive.

Tadashi’s gorgeous designs also have amazing movement, and his usage of colour is quite appealing.  The colours pop while still appearing to be almost organic on the runway, the jewel tones lend such an elegance to the collection.  It is certainly no surprise Mr. Shoji studied fine art before entering into the world of fashion, each piece in his collection is like a walking masterpiece, done with great precision.

If I believed in living previous lives on earth, I’d be confident I was a hippie, not due to the mindset, but more so because of the relaxed approach to their attire.  This Herve Leger piece is reminiscent of the 70’s in a subtle way for me, although this may not have been his influence when creating the design, there is an easy, laid back feel to it.  Perhaps his choice of colour and the use of fringe is the catalyst for my interpretation.  What ever the case may be, it is refreshing to see a different approach from the bandage dress.

Although I’ve been out of touch with Nicole Miller, this design shows she is able to find a fresh approach even after so many years in the fashion industry.  This design is relevant, youthful and the silhouette is lovely.  This cut is attractive on so many different body frames.  Kudos for Nicole Miller for keeping it current and fresh.