Come On Let’s Get Happy!

Gone are the days of standard, boring socks!  If you pull open your sock drawer just to find yourself staring into a sea of stark, blinding whiteness or an abyss of immeasurable blackness…it’s time to get Happy;).  Donning a pair of Happy Socks is the the perfect prescription.  They’re fun, bold, chock full of personality, designed in Sweden and offer an enormous selection for every man, woman and child in the nation.  Not to mention the fact they feel like cashmere on your feet, enveloping them in plush, irresistible softness.


Are you smiling yet?  You know you want them, in fact, you’ve got to have them!  Skedaddle (is this a word?) over to Ron Robinson at Fred Segal and stock up…are you still here?  Go…Now people!

Summer Holiday

There are few things more gratifying than enjoying summer with family on a much needed vacation. I’ve been pleasantly surprised while visiting an area of the States I never thought I’d appreciate so much… Memphis, Tennessee.  I’ve been deeply inspired, shared much laughter, learned so much about my culture and I’ve still 5 days to go! Stay tuned for more on my summer holiday when my journey ends, including a very delayed giveaway (smile)…

Ciao for now,

Summer Fashion For The City

Summertime in Los Angeles is quite delightful.  No matter how hot it may get during the daytime, it cools off substantially by nighttime, which is why many of us keep our fall pieces in rotation year around, and with plenty of dinners al fresco, some nights require stepping it up a few notches.  These lovely stylistas show us how it’s done.

Model Dewi Dreigen keeping it casual with a pop of colour and a few simple additions
Carly top from Weekday // T-shirt from Mango // Coral hotpants from Topshop // Bag from H&M // Boots from Chiara Ferragni

Swedish model Frida Gustafsson dons this cozy sweater, very apropos for a cool summer evening, and achieves just the right amount of edge with accessories.
Boyfriend jeans from Current/Elliott // Burgundy snakeskin mary jane shoes from Zara // Leaf trellis collar from Topshop // Knit from Topshop // Clutch bag with studs from Zara //

Caroline Issa, fashion icon and fashion director of Tank Magazine looks just right for an evening dinner party in this rich, jewel-toned blouse and leopard print skirt.  The green in addition to the animal print translate into fun…we don’t want to be too serious and stuffy for such an occasion.
Animal print skirt from Topshop // Snake skin shoes from Zara // Earrings from Edblad // Shirt from Monki // Floral clutch bag from Zara // Ring from Kum Kum

Jeffrey Campbell, A Man After My Own Heart

Jeffrey Campbell is a small family run footwear business 11 years in the making, and based in Los Angeles, California.  The company is run by Jeffrey, his wife, three children and brother.  The shoes offered up are fun, whimsical and sure to put a smile on your face… they are the most optimistic inducing shoes in my wardrobe.  The designs are creatively executed for the fashion forward and stylish, nothing at all conservative about the designs offered, in fact, many are more reminiscent of fine art as opposed to footwear.  Furthermore, they are moderately priced, ranging from $80 up to $300 and very well constructed.

Here is just a small sampling of the brand…

And a bit of resort…

The following are a few sites Jeffrey Campbell shoes are sold:                                                                                                                                     ,,,,