Summertime Sun Calls For A Fabulous Summer Hat

The beaming summertime sun is on the way, and every year I say I’m going to find the perfect hat.  One which will guard and protect me from those rays, unfortunately responsible for sudden outbreaks of hyper-pigmentation all over my face, if I’m not covered with my 50+ sunscreen.  For those unfamiliar, hyper-pigmentation is a harmless condition, which causes dark patches or freckles on the skin.  Anyway, as I hat hunt each season, either they’re so large I envision passersby dodging me on crowded city sidewalks ( even though there aren’t many of these in Southern California), or they’re far too small to serve as anything more than a fashion statement.  I’m happy to announce (drum roll please), Gladys Tamez has made my quest super easy.


This style is perfect!  My face is completely covered, and there is nothing obnoxious about the size.  Gladys Tamez is a millinery genius, so thrilled with this beauty!  Treat yourself to a visit to her beautiful studio for your very own treasure.

P.S. Not so sure about this retro filter I used…seems a little odd with the scratched face effect, then again, it’s not about me…focus Donyale, it’s about the fabulous hat!  So be it, a wise person once said, a few imperfections add a bit of je ne sais quoi, lol…seems like a fair trade off to me.  We could all use a smidgeon of je ne sais quoi…

Temperley London Fall 2012

Temperley London showed a lovely, feminine and wearable collection for Fall 2012.  The use of colour added just the right amount of “pop,” while the floral prints were done very well.  There is nothing “adolescent” about the florals we saw prancing down the runway, in fact, they were done with great taste and sophistication.  The use of accessories added, completed the looks beautifully.  I could have done, however, without the large fur hats topping the heads of many of the models.  These looks are not shown, as I do not support the use of fur for vanity sake, torturing animals for this reason is simply cruel.  Furthermore, there is such an abundance of  beautiful textiles, trim, beading, etc. to choose from when designing a collection, it seems futile to choose a living, breathing creature which experiences a great deal of pain each time the choice is made for their precious fur.

I’ll get off my soapbox now… what can I say?  I’m quite passionate about my convictions, and now I present to you a few pieces from the Temperley London Fall 2012 Collection