Homage To My Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

As I thought about what I’d give my dad for Father’s Day this Sunday, June 18, I continued to draw a blank… one of my best friend’s inspired me to pay homage to my dad via written words, after I read the heartfelt poem she wrote to her father. Take a moment to let your dad, uncle, grandfather or whomever played an integral part in your upbringing know how much he is loved. This is a bit of a deviation from my typical blogging, however, I’ll be back in full swing this Saturday. As for now, here’s to you dad…

My Dear Dad

There are so many special words left unspoken as we go about our lives. Words our parents should hear as time goes by. Dad, I want you to know how special and loved you truly are, even though the distance between us seems so far.
Although we don’t talk every day, I hold you in my heart. The lessons learned so long ago will never depart. You taught me what it means to be a woman of integrity, you taught me how it isn’t necessary to sweat the little things.
When we were growing up, you made sure we had the very best; we always thought we were rich, as we never endured one test. Living in the ‘lap of luxury’ in our home in the ‘burbs, never knowing any problems existed as the world turned.
You always made me laugh and that continues to this day, your sense of humour is so refreshing to me, in every way. I often find myself reflecting on the good old days, sometimes wishing they hadn’t gone away…I know this is impossible, but dreaming is okay.
I love you more than words can express, you were always the coolest dad. You introduced me to the best ‘food for the soul’, as your stereo emitted the chords. Now as time seems to quickly progress, the memories seem all the more precious, I feel like I can connect the dots, to see God’s bigger purpose.
He knew what He was doing when He ordained you to be my dad, and I wouldn’t trade you in for the most valuable riches on this planet.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Love Always, Donyale Anise Stokes June 2012

What are some of your fondest memories of your dear dad?