New Yorkers With Summer Style

With the first sign of warmer temperatures New Yorkers are eager to dress the part after months of cabin fever.  Summer isn’t just about flip flops, tanks and shorts, these New Yorkers show us it is possible to keep cool while looking fashion savvy.

Photos Courtesy of Bek Anderson

Mario Badescu, Over 40 Years Of Tried & True Skincare

Romanian born, Mario Badescu, established the now renowned skincare line bearing his name, in 1967.  With a background as both a chemist and cosmetologist, Mario had a unique approach to skincare, and the desire to create quality, botanical-based products which would be effective on the skin.  This desire soon manifested after years of research he had done in his New York salon.  It wasn’t long before Mario began to ‘rub elbows’ with models, actors and actresses whose careers depended upon radiant skin, and continues to have a large celebrity following.  Personally, I am not one to jump on a bandwagon solely for this reason, however, this did get my attention as I understand how crucial it is for those in front of the camera to look as flawless as possible.  Furthermore, most are able to afford any skincare, but choose Mario Badescu.

Over 40 years later, and going strong, Mario Badescu products continue to be an integral part of the skincare routines of many from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, all over the world.  The virtue of the products has remained, as well as Mario’s desire to offer effective, affordable skincare for the masses.  Part of the reason the products are so reasonably priced is because of the no frills packaging.  If packaging is the catalyst for your product choices, Mario Badescu may not be for you, however, if healthy clear skin is your objective, they do not disappoint. 

Spending a fortune on skin care doesn’t mean it will actually be any more effective than a moderately priced line.  Of course, there are exceptions when it comes to specialty items such as alpha hydroxy for example, but for the every day routine, due to the molecular structure of most creams, they will only do so much.

I am convinced diet, exercise and the intake of water equal to half your body weight factors in heavily.  On a side note, if you ever experience the occasional breakout, the drying lotion is like magic, and has developed a cult following.  The same pimple on your skin today… long gone by tomorrow!

Mario Badescu offers a vast array of products to address your individual needs, as no two skins are the same.  A brief consultation is recommended to assure the proper products are suggested, and always request samples prior to committing to any skincare line.