Rodarte Does It So Well

I would not be at all upset if this exquisitely crafted, futuristic Rodarte shoe, and it’s mate of course, found a way to my doorstep, the personalized note attached would read: special delivery just because...I suppose I’m stating the obvious right?  Clearly, I believe in dreaming big.  What I really appreciate about this shoe, is the fact it is so wearable with the platform, which makes all the difference in terms of comfort.  After all, if you’re going to spend a small fortune on shoes, comfort should be a given.  The whole idea of being a “slave to fashion” is so passe.  In addition, this beauty would go with just about everything, it’s the new nude!

Chloe Spring 2012 Oversized Clutch

This Chloe over-sized clutch is sheer beauty in this lovely nude crocodile, and the perfect accessory for the feminine dresses in the most striking pops of colour we’ve seen all over the runways, or with a simple white frock.  As the seasons progress and trends come and go, the better alternative sometimes is simply to find a few “statement” accessories, which will update pieces from seasons long past.  As I’ve identified my personal fashion aesthetic, there are certain trends which come along, I know are not for me.  In these instances I accessorize until my heart is content.  By shopping smarter, and purchasing classic pieces constructed with fine materials, made to withstand many seasons and years to come, creatively updating them is essential.